05-12-Changing World

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”    …Albert Einstein

The process of thinking is changing whether we’re ready to accept it or not. Therefore this world that, according to Albert Einstein, we have created by our thinking is also changing before our very eyes.

The process of thinking that created a world based on a foundation of fear is being replaced by millions upon millions of people who are allowing thoughts of LOVE to replace those of fear. These millions of people are doing so because they’re beginning to understand that LOVE is the only alternative to a life based on fear; a life of misery and sickness ending at the grave.

“You also believe the body’s brain can think. If you but understood the nature of thought, you could but laugh at this insane idea.”    …ACIM


That organ which we refer to as the brain is not the mind. The mind is not physical, and thoughts do not originate in the brain. The brain is none other than a very sophisticated organic computer through which your spirit controls your physical body. 

But that being said the separated mind is not where the thoughts that are changing the world originate either. The separated mind is filled with fear because it is the home of the ego, and is in truth an illusion. Therefore, it is the origin of the process of  thinking which has been used in the making of the world as most still see it. The new thinking is based in LOVE and does not originate in the separated mind.

Even though changing the world has been the focus of this post to this point I’m going to change that focus and say this world cannot be changed. For this is a world made by the ego from its thought-system and, as already mentioned, it’s based on the ego’s god which is fear. Fear cannot be changed to LOVE and LOVE cannot enter where fear exists. The world is not being changed, it’s being re-created from LOVE. The world that LOVE is creating is a world where fear with all its negative attributes cannot exist.

At this point I must also differentiate between the world as we see it and the planet called Earth, which can also be called the world, and often is. When I talk about the world in my posts I’m referring to the same world we’re thinking about when we say things like bringing children into the world, and not the planet Earth.  

“You think with the Mind of God.”   …ACIM


All thoughts that originate in the Mind of God are thoughts that have as their foundation LOVE. There are no thoughts in the Mind of God that are not based in LOVE.  These thoughts are those that speak of unity, happiness, joy, contentment, compassion, abundance, good health, beauty, truth, concern for others, etc. They’re the thoughts that tell you that you could never be separate and alone. They tell you that you are connected to every other form of Life that exists in this universe and all other universes. They tell you that the body which you think is you could never contain that which is You. 

These Thoughts cannot be accessed through the doorway of that which you think of as your mind. They are accessed through the doorway of the Heart, which is the very center of your Being which resides within the very Mind of God.

Only thoughts based in fear can be accessed through the mind, because the mind we believe to be ours is a separated mind which is the dwelling place of the ego. All thoughts which originate within this illusionary mind are those whose foundation is fear. These are the thoughts that have made the world most of us now see. 

“This world was created by your choice, and a new world can be created by a new choice”     …ACOL


Most people will turn up their noses and scoff in disgust at any suggestion that they had any part to play in the making of the world. Most believe this crazy world was either brought into existence through an evolutionary event of some sort, or created by God. There’s no room for silly beliefs that center around the idea that it was brought into existence through the power of their own thoughts and their own choices. 

They never take time to think about the idea of a loving God creating a world where the only hope of peace and joy is to be found after death in a heaven of some sort. They don’t stop to think just how insane such an idea sounds. They never ask what kind of a god would create life and then place it into a world of fear, where suffering, sickness and finally death would cause what he created to cease to exist? Or what kind of a god would create a world where the only hope of eternal life is to be found after death? 

A new world can be created by a new choice

Even though the foregoing two paragraphs may seem like a digression they were necessary to understand why millions upon millions of people have made the choice to give this insane world up in favor of allowing the truth to become manifest and create a new one.

A new choice to create a world based on LOVE and unity not on their opposites of fear and separation. A world of compassion and not one of callousness. A world where all sentient beings are treated equally and allowed to live their lives in peace, happiness and joy. A world where heaven is experienced here and now, and not put off to some fabled condition that appears only after death. A world where the ego with all is negative and fearful attributes cannot enter. A world where happiness and joy is the norm and not just an elusive pipe dream that may happen someday. 

“You have the power within your reach to create what you desire.”   …Lailah Gifty Akita


Most people will believe it to be very arrogant to even suggest the possibility of creating a new world. But many of those same people will have no problem at all accepting the idea that we all live in our own little individual worlds. Some may even be able to accept the idea that they had a part in making the little world they inhabit. That’s what this old world of illusion is, a collection of individual worlds based in fear, each one separated from the rest. And it’s this separation that causes all the suffering, misery, disease and death that’s so prevalent in it.

The new world being created is being brought into existence by millions upon millions of people who have become vigilant in watching their thoughts. They have made the choice to accept only thoughts based in LOVE. They have withdrawn their faith from the ego and allowed it, with all its fearful, judgmental and separation thoughts, to fade back into the nothingness from which it came. 

They will still live in their own individual worlds but the difference is – and it’s a huge difference – these worlds are created from LOVE. And LOVE can never be anything other than whole. It can never be separated from Itself. Everything and everyone in these individual worlds are connected with all others through relationship. They all join together in relationship and it’s this joining together in relationship that creates the new world of LOVE. It’s a world of unity. Unity with each other, with God and with the Self. 

“Each act of love is added to the space in the universe that is yours and has become part of the whole along with you.”   …ACOL

As the Ghanaian author, Lailah Gifty Akita,  reminded us in her quote above: You have the power within your reach to create what you desire. As with everything in this world it’s your choice as to what you’re going to add to your space (world). But whatever you decide upon you can be assured that only those decisions made in LOVE are added to the whole. This is how the new world of LOVE is being created.

I’m going to close this post with a quote by Doe Zantamata: “Love is the most powerful force in the entire universe. At some point in life you’ll realize it is the only thing worthwhile in all of life.”



“Identify with love, and you are safe. Identify with love, and you are home. Identify with love, and find your Self.”   …ACIM




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  1. enjoyed reading this………so wonderful to read about LOVE!

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  2. yes, very enjoying to reading about … Love . God blesses you.

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