If I Can’t See It; Does It Exist?

FB 87“Man believes that what he cannot see does not exist, and his physical eyes cannot see in the dark.” …A Course in Miracles

The above quote points to what seems to me to be a paradox. It points out an attribute of the physical body upon which we can all agree. For every one of us knows for sure that unaided physical eyes cannot see in the dark. Then it goes further and informs us of the paradox. It draws our attention to something else we all know for certain, which is, there are many things existing in the dark that we can’t see. But yet it relays a truth, which is, we believe that what we cannot see does not exist.

I think it may be poking a bit of fun at the sheer silliness of that which most people choose to accept: If it can’t be observed with at least one of the five physical senses it doesn’t exist. Or, at least we’re not completely sure that it exists; we have our doubts. We want to believe, but if we can’t see, hear, taste, smell or feel it, then even though we hope there’s more, we’re never certain.

“You see what you expect, and you expect what you invite.”

Here we go again. How many can accept this as true; how many believe that they see what they expect to see? There are some who are sufficiently enlightened to accept this. but relatively speaking it’s a very small number. The last part of this Course in Miracles quote may not be that difficult to accept. I think it would be illogical for us to invite anything into our experience unless we at least though there was a chance we would eventually see it.

The truth is, we always see what we expect to see, because we have invited it into our experience. Oh. I understand how much push-back this will extract from those who believe the physical world is all there is to life. But, as I keep repeating, this is my perception of the way I see it. And I’m not here to write only what I think people want to read. I’m here to express my own perceptions. If you’re interested in them then you can read it, if not then you can leave it – it’s all up to you. I’m interested in writing for those who want to learn.

“Truth is true and nothing else is true”

Well that’s the truth for sure. I mean, what else could be truer than truth? And what else could be true except truth? It doesn’t require a whole lot of thinking before you realize just how true this quote from A Course in Miracles is.

Max Planck once said, “A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light…”  What I’m writing about is far from scientific, and as my heading quote implies. truth is truth. It’s never new nor old, it just is – for it always was. I understand there are new discoveries and all that, but that’s exactly what they are, discoveries – they uncover that which is already there.

And it’s the same with Spiritual truth, it does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light. In fact, truth doesn’t seek to triumph at all, it doesn’t do anything other than be itself.

There is No Truth in This Physical World

There’s another bold statement. I suppose for many it may be too bold to accept, but nevertheless I’m putting it out there. I believe it to be absolutely true, because, as far as I’m concerned there’s not one iota of truth in this world – not one bit.

There’s only two emotions in the whole universe; Love and fear – that’s it. There are a lot of other feelings which we refer to as emotions, but every one, regardless of what we call it has its basis in one or the other of these two. Only one of these emotions is real and that one is Love, and Love is God and God is Love. The other is fear, and in truth it doesn’t exist. In this word it seems to exist, and that’s because this whole world has its foundation in it – it’s all based on separation, which causes fear.  And where fear is truth is absent, for truth is based in God and He can never be found where fear is.

Effects Can Be Seen

There cannot be an effect unless there’s a cause, and even though we may not be able to see the cause its effects point to its existence.  No one can see fear itself, but it’t effects are all around us for us to look upon. All the loneliness, misery, suffering, sickness, homelessness, poverty, wars, death – I could go on and on. All of these negative conditions are the effects of fear. Every one of them has its basis in fear, and fear has its basis in separation. In fact, the belief that we are separated from our Creator is the cause of all fear and all its effects.

12-03-flowersAs I mentioned above there are only two emotions in the whole universe. One is fear, upon which this world has its foundation, which is the cause of all the negative conditions mentioned in the last paragraph.

The other is the opposite of fear, and that one is Love. Like fear, Love cannot be seen with the physical eyes, but its effects can be seen plainly.

Love is Found Only Within

The Indian mystic Ramakrishna once said, “The fabled musk deer searches the world over for the source of the scent which comes from itself.” Now we understand that it would be impossible for the deer to search the world over. But as with all separated entities it lives in its own little world, and it’s in this world that it searches endlessly for something it never finds – the source of its own scent.

I don’t know the context in which Ramakrishna used this phrase, but whether he meant it in the way I think he did, or not, doesn’t matter. It’s a metaphor that describes most of humanity. We live in our own separated little worlds, and whether we want to admit it, or not, we, like the musk deer, are always searching for something. The difference being, the deer knows what it’s searching for, whereas we don’t. The deer, according to Ramakrishna, knows it’s searching for the source of the scent which comes from itself.

12-04-healthWe do the same as the deer does; we search continuously for the Source of Love not knowing that we’re searching for that which is found only within us. Love can be found only by looking within ourselves. Once we discover it within ourselves its effects will become more and more visible in our outer worlds.  Its effects are the exact opposite of those of fear. They include happiness, joy, abundance, peace and all those other good and wonderful attributes we’re all searching for. Love is found only by going within and reestablishing our connection with God – for He IS Love.

I’m going to close with another quote from A Course in Miracles: “Yet searching is inevitable here. For this you came, and you will surely do the thing you came for… Be glad that search you must. Be glad as well to learn you search for Heaven and must find the goal you really want. No one can fail to want this goal and reach it in the end.”




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