“Poetry might be defined as the clear expression of mixed feelings.” —W.H. Auden

“I wish our clever young poets would remember my homely definitions of prose and poetry: that is, prose = words in their best order; poetry = the best words in the best order.” –Samuel Taylor Coleridge

I’m sure my writing falls somewhere in Mr. Coleridge’s description of prose: “words in their best order.” But that being said, it also falls somewhere in W. H. Auden’s description. A “clear expression of mixed feelings.” Therefore, I’m not sure what I’m writing. I’m going to say that what I write is sort of like stories written in prose. The following one is an attempt to describe my feelings about spring.



From autumn’s beauty the weather changed into winter’s gloom
As wind, rain and snow covered everything and placed it in a frosty tomb.
Leaves left their perches and fluttered away in the breeze
Flowers bowed their stems and laid down with ease.

Throughout the long winter, buried under snow and frost
The plants lay silent, while the leaves fought the wind and lost.
Snow spread its blanket over all, so white and deep
But the roses paid no heed as they continued with their winter’s sleep.

The rains pattered, the winds howled and the cold gripped all in a long winter’s night,
It seemed as if all nature had been filled with darkness and nothing had light.
Fields, city centers, valleys, brooks and meadows all covered in snow,
Trees and bushes stripped of their beauty with only skeletons to show.

But eventually the sun reached the limits of its southward track,
And began its northward return causing the winter nights to react.
Darkness is arriving later and ending earlier creating less night.
The days are beginning to lengthen and the sun’s shining more bright.

The air is becoming more clear and the bird’s singing more sweet,
The snow has begun to melt away causing the trees to feel the sun’s heat.
Everything is beginning to feel sweet release from winter’s tight hold,
All seems more alive as the warmth of spring emerges from winter’s cold.

The spring sun is moving farther north and shining brighter every day,
All the landscape seems happy that spring is on its way.
Little green shoots are poking their heads through the remaining bit of snow,
The sun’s vibrations have awakened them and coaxed them to grow.

A wedge-shaped flock of Canada geese honking their way north is seen,
A more delightful sound or sight there has rarely ever been.
They’ve left their winter abode and followed the spring sun,
To see and hear them is to know spring has arrived and winter is almost done.

Spring is sure when Crocuses are seen pushing through the winter’s snow,
Pretty soon Robin redbreast will be the hopping star of the show.
Trumpet shaped Daffodils showing up and migratory birds singing,
Reminds us even more that winter is done and spring is springing.

April arrives with its showers and spreads itself all over the land,
Apple and cherry trees prepare to bloom in a cascade of beauty so grand.
April turns into May and a glorious eruption of color clothes the trees,
The sun shines from a painted sky and the wind lulls in a slight breeze.

May progresses and cumulus clouds float in the blue of the sky,
Bringing goodwill and joy to the observant eye.
For this is a sure sign that winter is truly in the past,
And spring in all its glory has fully arrived at last.

The land is abundant with moisture from melting snow and April showers,
May has provided the warmth desired by the spring flowers.
The swallows have returned and are busy building their nest,
Everything is alive with the energy of spring and at its very best.

Spring’s energy has replaced that of winter and the land’s bathed in light
Oh how glorious it feels to step away from that long winter night.
Now it’s on to summer and away from winter’s gloom,
On into June to enjoy the magnificence of roses in bloom.
The end…


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