Poetry might be defined as the clear expression of mixed feelings.” —W.H. Auden


Oh Love, to fathom you; how many scholastic and philosopher types have tried?
How many have searched your mysterious ways with hope embedded in their stride?
But are your ways really as mysterious and elusive as they seem to be;
Or is it that those who search, often look straight at you; but fail to see?

When they look at the stormy ocean or the gently falling rain;
They separate the two and only see you in the drops falling upon the window pane.
They look at the sun as it arches across the sky and beautifully fills the west,
And exclaim of the glory and the beauty of sunsets, but fail to see you in all the rest.

Those who recognize you in the sunset as you unfurl your beauty so Divine;
Seldom realize it’s also you in the sun, extending yourself so gloriously fine.
But true it is! For the sun is nothing if not a glorious part of you.
Its rays too, as they shine forth from the sky’s most illustrious blue.

And the sky with its clouds and changing hues is part of the eternal “One,”
And the rain that fills the oceans then recycles and causes the rivers to run.
Everything we can see or imagine down below or up above,
Is part of the glorious, creative, unknowable and Divine, we call, “Love.”

From mountain peaks to valley floors and into the wooded dell,
Love extends itself in beauty for eyes to see and tongues to tell.
Into the forest it skips and dances as it touches every bush and tree,
With joy, its companion, it fills the depths of all that’s now, or ever will be.

From dry arid deserts to frozen tundra, to temperate climates where water lilies grow,
Love extends itself with tenderness and care, causing many sad faces to glow.
It encircles the globe in every direction and also reaches right to its core,
Touching, surrounding and filling every single thing with sweetness galore.

But this globe upon which we seem to dwell is less than a speck in Love’s expanse,
For Love reaches beyond the stars and universes with its creative dance.
Even the imagination, which is without limit, cannot reach Love’s end.
For there is none, and therefore beyond the imagination’s ability to pretend.

Love is a sphere, ever expanding from its center, containing everything within and nothing without.
Within this sphere, stars, universes, galaxies and planets are held in place as if they’re afloat.
Love is all there is, nothing else exists, whether on earth or in the heavens above?
Every other living thing, except man, recognizes the truth that it’s a part of Love.

Oh, what is that I heard you say; did you scoff and reply, how can it be?
How can you say, everything’s part of Love in the world we see?
Oh, but I didn’t say that, for you can see only that which stops light.
Your eyes see only form, never content, and form is never right.

It’s inside the form where your eyes will never see, where Love is seen,
A place where physical vision can never enter, nor has it ever been.
It’s a place of quietness, calmness, beauty and oh so conflict free,
The abode of Spirit where strife and fear cannot enter or ever be.

It has been said many times and in many ways this world is not our home,
T’is why we subtly remain unsatisfied no matter where we may roam.
The physical could never contain the energy that is you or me,
No more than a pond or small puddle could contain the sea.

You and I are part of the Divine, that which we call Love, the abode of all that’s real.
We know this to be true when we get close to Love by the happiness we feel.
Love is our home and home is Love and only in dreams will we ever be apart,
The only thing deep enough to contain Love and all that’s real is your heart.


Thank you for visiting this site. I am truly grateful.

“Love is your safety. Fear does not exist. Identify with love, and you are safe. Identify with love, and you are home. Identify with love, and find your Self.” –ACIM

“Veganism is believing that an animal’s life is worth more than a sandwich. That’s it! That’s how simple it is.” –The Spiritual Vegan