Homeless At Home


“This world you seem to live in is not home to you. And somewhere in your mind you know that this is true.”   …ACIM

It’s not always the same; many times as I read and study the Course an idea to write about reveals itself. Sometimes I sit down with that very idea as a companion, and it flows to fifteen hundred words – more, or less – without any struggle on my part at all. The only struggle I may have, is keeping the words in some sort of coherent order as they flow onto the page.

Then at other times – this seems to be one of them – I sit down with an idea I like, and it seems to be so attached to me that it requires considerable effort to let it flow. It seems as if the channel to its Source is clogged with ego restrictions. It’s impossible that the ego reach, or even be aware, of this Source. But it can, and does, scream and shriek negativities at me, which seem to prohibit the free flow of the words I need. 

There’s some bits of information that I read in the past that have stuck to me like heat sticks to fire. If we light a fire that heat always reveals itself – it’s always there. It’s the same with some things I read from certain authors. When I’m struggling to spread an idea over a page, these quotes reveal themselves – like the heat, they’re always there. One of those authors is Richard Bach. He once said, “A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.” 

Let me stress the point: I am not attempting to become a professional writer. I write for one reason, and one reason only, and that is to fulfill my need to learn. It’s just that the last two words of his statement came skipping and hopping into my awareness as I was about to quit. I thought, okay, maybe if I just begin writing, the idea I want to express will join with me, and help in that expression by covering the ego’s rantings and ravings.

“Remember always that you see what you seek, for what you seek you will find.”   …ACIM

Because it discusses two absolutely opposed systems of thought, writing about the Course can sometimes be a difficult endeavor. It’s very easy to write things that seem to contradict each other. Therefore, writing about it requires careful and constant discernment in order to express it in a non-contradictory manner. 

The above quote literally assures us that we’ll see, and find, whatever we seek. But we know that’s not the case in this physical world. If, for example, you were to lose your car keys, and began seeking to find them, you might find them, or you might not – it’s never a sure thing. Therefore, we can safely assume it’s referring to spiritual seeking, and not physical. The Course confirms this when it says, Seek but do not find, remains this world’s stern decree, and no one who pursues the world’s goals can do otherwise.” 

“You are not at home in this world. And you will search for your home whether you know where it is or not.”   …ACIM

There’s not many humans who aren’t searching for something. But the thing is, most don’t know what they’re searching for. The Course says, You were created by Love like Itself. And it also says, If Love created you like Itself, this Self must be in you. And somewhere in your mind, It is there for you to find. It should come as no surprise to learn that God and Love are synonymous – They are the same. How could They not be, if, as the quote says; You were created by Love?

When God created us He didn’t create us homeless, for we are Love, and Love can never be separated from Itself. He created us in His Mind, which is our eternal home. We are Ideas in the Mind of God, and as the Course points out: Ideas leave not their source. But yet we believe we have accomplished the impossible. We see ourselves as living a separated life in a world apart from our Creator.

“Searching is inevitable here. For this you came, and you will surely do the thing you came for.”    …ACIM

Is it any wonder why we’re always searching for something? According to the above quotes we came here on a mission, searching for our home. But our searching is in vain, for we’ll never find what is not here to be found – it’s a futile search. 

About those who see this world as their home, the Course says: “Here is the only home he thinks he knows… He does not realize he has forgotten where he came from, where he goes, and even who he really is.” We can gather nothing else from this, except we have lost our way.

“Nothing at all has happened but that you have put yourself to sleep and dreamed a dream…”   …ACIM 

It’s all a dream – an illusion. As I mentioned earlier, it’s impossible for us to separate ourselves from God’s Mind, which is the Mind of Love, and our eternal home. But the ego, in its determination, has persuaded us into believing we’ve done just that. Even though we’re asleep at home, in our illusory dreams we go on searching for that which we have never left, nor will ever leave.

Even though I used the following Ramakrishna quote in this post, because of its relevance I’m  using it here again: “The fabled musk deer searches the world over for the source of the scent which comes from itself.” We’re doing a similar thing, we’re searching the world for something we already have within us. 

Once it becomes clear and obvious that the thing we’re searching for cannot be found where we’re searching, then it’s time to look elsewhere. To continue doing what we’ve been doing since time began will not lead us anywhere but to more disappointment and misery.

No one knows for certain who the originator of the following quote was, but it’s widely attributed to Albert Einstein, even though many disagree with that attribution. But it matters not who originated it. It’s the message that’s important: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” 

I’m not suggesting anyone is insane, even though the Course says; this is an insane world, and do not underestimate the actual extent of its insanity. What I am suggesting is this: After we learn that the thing we’re searching for does not exist in the area we’re searching, it could be considered as some sort of insanity to keep searching for it there. 

From Searching to Awareness

That which we’ve spent eons searching for does not need to be found. That’s because we already have it, and therefore, we need only to allow it into our awareness. We not only already have it, it’s what we are. Every one of us is looking for that which we believe we have separated ourselves from, namely, our Self. 

As my opening quote expresses, we know that this world is not our home. And we also know that the self that we think dwells here, and which, according to the Course, we see as a ridiculous parody on God’s creation, is not what we are. We may not be consciously aware of it, but deep within our minds we know it. That’s why we’re always searching for something else, even though we’re not aware of what it is we’re searching for. 

It’s time to become aware that what we’re searching for is anxious to make Itself known to us – It is not hidden. It is God Himself. He is our Home, our Happiness, our Life – He is what we are, and we are what He is – We are Love Itself. 

I’m going to close this post with this quote from the Course: “Seek not within the world to find your SelfLove is not found in darkness and in death. Yet it is perfectly apparent to eyes that see and ears that hear its Voice.”


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