“When you choose unity over separation, you choose reality over illusion. You end opposition by choosing harmony. You end conflict by choosing peace.” …A Course of Love

“The power of decision is your one remaining freedom as a prisoner of this world.” …A Course In Miracles

What is true; what is false; what is reality; what is illusion? Every one of those questions has a different answer for each of us. For unless we see with Christ’s vision there’s not one of us that sees anything except through perception and judgement.

Perception and judgement are attributes of separation. In separation separate minds create a different truth, a different falsity, a different reality and a different illusion for each and every one of their users. But regardless of all that, you have the power to choose which answer you’re going to believe, which one is going to be true for you.

Every aspect of your life is what it is because somewhere in the past you made choices that brought them to pass. There are no exceptions to this because nothing happens to a Child of God by accident or coincidence.

It matters not whether you believe it or don’t believe it the conditions of your life are there because somewhere you made choices that set forces in motion that drew them to you

There are two aspects of every condition or emotion that fill the human psyche, every one has an opposite and it’s entirely up to you which aspect is drawn into your life experience. You can consciously choose which one you experience or you can let the world choose for you by default. Either way you’re going to experience the condition or emotion whether by your own choice or by default. If you allow the world to choose for you then you can be sure it’s the negative side you’ll experience.

“Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself; I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.” …Groucho Marx

The opposite of happiness has numerous names, such as depression, sadness or unhappiness. Every morning when you awaken you have the power to choose if one of these is going to fill your day. You can let the world fill you with depression, sadness or unhappiness or you can be like Groucho Marx and decide that happiness is going to be your companion. Make no mistake about it happiness comes only to those who consciously choose it. But when it’s sincerely chosen it will make itself known.

“Without judgment cast upon it, peace shines on all that you would look upon, as well as every situation you would face.” …ACOL

Imagine what it would be like to look at the world and to face every situation life throws your way with the Peace of God foremost and paramount in your mind. It seems to me it would be the most awesome experience that is available in this world. Imagine looking at the current conditions of the world and seeing peace shining on them. Imagine facing every situation the world has to offer with a mind and heart joined and peace shining on them.

Peace is not far removed from your awareness, for it is an attribute of Love and Love is where your true Identity lies. Judgement is an attribute of Love’s opposite which is fear. Fear is the whole foundation of this world.

Fear is the effect of a decision made at the beginning of time. The choice to separate from your Creator, to separate from Love and believe it happened despite the fact it didn’t, can’t or never will. You can continue to believe it happened by believing the impossible is possible throughout eternity but it will never be so. What it will do is keep you deep in darkness and in a self-made hell.

“Forgiveness lets the veil be lifted up which hides the face of Christ from those who look with unforgiving eyes upon the world.” …Lesson 122, ACIM

Those who believe in separation and the impossible being possible have allowed the ego to drop a veil of illusions over their eyes. This veil is oblivious to all means to lift it other than forgiveness, which dwells in the same holy abode as does Love, the heart.

In fact, forgiveness and Love cannot be apart for where one is the other must be. You cannot love and refuse to forgive nor can you forgive unless you love.

Neither can you know unity without forgiveness. For those who can’t find forgiveness in themselves haven’t recognized their true Self, which is to say they haven’t recognized Love. Your true Self encompasses all and therefore could never be alone or separate from anything. To recognize Love is to recognize that you’re in a relationship with the universe and everything in it.

“It is because God is not separate from anything that heaven is where you are.” …ACOL

If Heaven is where God resides and God created you as part of Him, an extension of Love, then how can you, in truth, be anywhere other than Heaven? For you to be anywhere else means you would have to be separate from God, which is a condition that never was, is not now, nor ever will be.

The mind has been programmed by the ego to believe in illusions so strongly that the bare mention of truths such as this brings immediate disbelief, rejection and even scorn. For no one who fails to see the truth that this world and everything in it is all illusions could hardly accept that they have always existed in a Heaven of Love with God.

Even so, the truth is true and always will be and needs no acceptance by anyone to remain so. The only acceptance required is for those who are beginning to “see” to accept that this world where everything in it is on a journey that ends at the grave is not real. Once this can be accepted, if only as a positive maybe, then Heaven’s Light will begin to flicker through the dark clouds of separation and hell.

I’m going to close this time with a rather long quote by Pierre Teilhard De Chardin: “It is not our heads or our bodies which we must bring together, but our hearts. . . Humanity. . . is building its composite brain beneath our eyes. May it not be that tomorrow, through the logical and biological deepening of the movement drawing it together, it will find its heart, without which the ultimate wholeness of its power of unification can never be achieved?”


Thank you for visiting this page. I am extremely grateful. May God Richly Bless You.

“Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.” …Eckhart Tolle