The god of sickness

“What is of God is His forever, and you are of God. Would He allow Himself to suffer?”   …ACIM

Is there such a thing as a god of sickness; and if there is, where did it come from? A Course in Miracles plainly tells us that, “when God created you, He made you part of Him.” If you truly accepted this as true do you really believe you could be sick? If you’re part of God and you’re sick does that not mean that a part of God is sick? Does not plain logic tell you that it can be no other way? And do you truly believe it’s possible for a part of God to be sick? Can you, for an instant, believe such a preposterous idea to be possible? 

I think the answers to those questions can be based on the obvious of just how silly the questions are. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t some who are so disconnected from reality that they would find it fashionable and up to date to believe such a thing. There are those who believe that God doesn’t exist at all, which is a much more reasonable position than believing God does exist but can be sick.

“You will hear the god you listen to.”   …ACIM

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Is there more than one god? The above quote from A Course in Miracles seems to imply there is. How could you choose which one to listen to unless there’s more than one? The answer is, there’s many gods, in fact, there’s as many as your imagination will allow you to make up. There’s no limit to your imagination and therefore, there’s no limit to the amount of gods you can make up. 

That being said, there’s only one true God and it’s not One you can make up. God is Love and Love is God and that’s it! If you’re not completely peaceful and joyful then you’re not listening to God; you’re listening to the gods of conflict and sadness, which are attributes of the god of sickness.

 “God’s Will for you is perfect happiness.”   …ACIM 

Can you even begin to comprehend the amount of energy, striving and determination it takes to overpower God’s Will? That’s what we humans have done. We have used the Power of Creation to overpower our Creator’s Will for us. Or, at least, that’s the way it seems in this physical experience we so erroneously refer to as, life. For, you see, it’s an illusion to believe there’s a power in existence that could overpower the Will of God.  

If you aren’t perfectly happy as God wills it’s because you believe that God is some sort of entity who dwells outside yourself. Most people perceive God as some sort of masculine being who dwells way off in the sky somewhere. But it’s not so. God lives within you and you live within God for you are part of God. God is Love and Love is God and Love can dwell nowhere else except within your heart. 

“If you were not part of God, His Will would not be unified. Is this conceivable? Can part of His Mind contain nothing?”   …ACIM

There’s a place in the Creator of the universe’s Mind that was created when you were created. This place was created especially for you and without you a Part of the Mind of God would be empty. You were created as an idea and ideas never leave their Source. You cannot ever be separated from your place in God’s Mind. That’s where you are and that’s where you’ll always be; in God’s Mind. 

The negativities and turmoil of this world of flesh will never be there with you. Only things that are vibrating at specific vibratory frequencies such as Perfect Love, Perfect Joy, Perfect Health, Perfect Happiness and all other holy attributes can enter into your holy Home. Lower frequency energy such as that which the ego comes from doesn’t even know your true Home exists.

“Nothing has power over you except His Will and yours, who but extend His Will.”   …ACIM

Even though The Course is a Divine instruction manual for practical, everyday living of this physical experience in a way that will allow the utmost enjoyment and happiness to be derived from it, it is addressed mostly to the Spiritual aspect of your existence. It assumes that you have made the decision to, at least, make an effort to recognize the Spirit, or you would not be reading it at all. For if you see the flesh solely the information contained in the above quote, and many others, will have no meaning for you. That’s because while you believe you’re separated from God and living in a physical world everything seems to have power over you

The key word is seems, for In reality, as the above quote implies, even God has no power over you unless it’s your will. As it says, nothing has power over you except His Will and yours. You are an extension of God’s Will and God’s Will for you is perfect happiness. Do you not have the same will; is it not your will to be happy? Perfect happiness cannot be found in separation; it can be found only through the realization that God’s Will and your will are one and the same Will. As the above quote says, nothing has power over you except His Will and yours, who but extend His Will.

“It is your thoughts alone that cause you pain.”   …ACIM

Whether it’s physical, emotional, mental or some other type of pain it’s an effect of what you’re predominantly thinking about. Your thoughts are the most powerful force in all of creation. You either believe you’re a creation of God and you’re part of him or you believe something else. But it matters not which belief you adhere to; it doesn’t take away your power to create. You retain the power because it was given to you by your Creator at your creation. And what God has given you is never taken back nor can it ever be lost, it’s yours for eternity. But most have forgotten what they are and in turn have forgotten their power.  

And right here is where things begin to  go wrong. Those who deny the Spirit see only flesh and therefore, they use the mighty Power of creation unconsciously. Can you begin to comprehend the problems that such a situation is capable of producing?  As The Course points out: When God created you, He made you part of Him. You’re part of God, therefore, you’re also a Co-Creator with Him, which means that the Power to create is inherent within you. 

“If God created you perfect, you are perfect. If you believe you can be sick, you have placed other gods before Him.“   …ACIM

You cannot be a part of God and be sick at the same time. The two positions just will not fit together. Either you’re a part of God or The Course is a complete fabrication. For its whole curriculum is to teach you how to recognize your true Self as a Thought held eternally in God’s Mind. If you are, or if you’ll ever be, anything other than that then The Course is not worth the paper it’s printed on. It’s up to you to decide which one is true for you. 

If you’re a part of God and still believe you can be sick then you have formed the belief that there’s something more powerful than God is. And this preposterous belief is the god of sickness which you have made and placed before your Creator.  

I’m going to close this post with another quote from A Course In Miracles: “Nothing but the laws of God has ever operated, and nothing except His Will will ever be. You were created through His laws and by His Will, and the manner of your creation established you as creators. What you have made is so unworthy of you that you could hardly want it if you were willing to see it as it is.”


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“It would be most beneficial to remind yourself that Love created you like Itself. Hear the truth about yourself in this.” ~~ACIM