The Two Most Powerful Words

“And He Who watches over all perception answered. Take not the judgment of the world as answer to the question, ‘What am I?'” …ACIM

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” The thing is; does anyone in this world really know what they are? It would be impossible to accomplish Emerson’s directive without first knowing what you are.

The Course tells us that “the only thing that can be surely known by any living thing is what it is.” Therefore, there’s not one of us who doesn’t know what we are but we have forgotten it. To forget something doesn’t mean it’s lost. It simply means that even though the knowledge is still with us it’s buried deep within our memories out of sight of our awareness.

Your body is of your own making. The plan (that which we know as DNA) was put together by your Self when you first decided to carry out your mission of creation. It was a mission to create new worlds based on Love, which is done by Love extending Itself. Your Self, which is Love, extended part of Itself in form which was, at first, a form of very high frequency energy. It was a form consisting of the frequencies of Love, the highest frequencies of energy in the universe.

It was a form not subject to gravity and moved as you willed it to by your thoughts. Neither was it subject to sickness, decay and death. It was a reflection of that which you knew yourself to be. And in one sense this aspect of it hasn’t changed for your present body is still a reflection, but of what you now believe yourself to be.

“Into eternity, where all is one, there crept a tiny mad idea at which the Son of God remembered not to laugh.” …ACIM

What was this tiny mad idea? It was the idea that time could intrude upon eternity. That time, which is the cause of all separation, could have an effect upon a Part of God. As The Course puts it: “In his forgetting did the thought become a serious idea and possible of both accomplishment and real effects.” The Course also tells us that time is but another meaningless defense you made against the truth.

Time first appeared in our minds as a tiny mad idea and even though ideas leave not their source they can be disregarded and laughed away but we decided to hold onto this one. If you really think about it; how could time become a part of eternity where the lack of time is what makes it eternal? Time never was, isn’t now, nor will it ever be a part of eternity.

The idea of joining time with eternity forms an oxymoron but instead of laughing it away as a joke we held onto it. And by doing so we caused the tiny mad idea to grow and become a serious idea and possible of both accomplishment and real effects. But it’s not capable of either accomplishment or real effects and so only in our minds could it do so. Its effects being the ego, space, distance, physicality and separation from God are not real; they’re all illusions.

Even so, this tiny mad idea was so interesting to us that we became absorbed with it and determined to put it into use. Even though we are powerful Creators, Co-Creators with God, we could not make the impossible possible. We could not join eternity and time.

Even so we mistakenly believed we could and we tried. As Jesus says in The Course: “Nothing at all has happened but that you have put yourself to sleep and dreamed a dream…” Everything outside of eternity, including time, is a dream, or better said, an illusion, for nothing exists outside of eternity.

“The cause of healing is the only Cause of everything.” …ACIM

The first question which should be asked here is; what is the cause of healing? We’ll let Jesus provide us with an answer from The Course: “…God is the only Cause. God is Love…” And now let’s let Jesus provide us with some more understanding: “When God created you, He made you part of Him.” If God is Love and you are part of God then what are you? My opening quote is from The Course and it tells us to: Take not the judgment of the world as answer to the question, What am I? In other words, do not let the world tell you what you are for the world does not know.

The question, what am I, should be continually asked by everyone whose desire is to awaken from this dream of time. It should be asked until the answer you receive makes sense and satisfies you. And it should be asked of the only one who knows that answer, your Self. And you should tell your Self to begin the answer with the two most powerful words in the English language, I AM. Every time you use these two little words you are informing yourself, and all others who hear, what your belief is concerning what you are.

Here are some examples from The Course: “If you are not a body, what are you? Ask this in honesty, and then devote several minutes to allowing your mistaken thoughts about your attributes to be corrected, and their opposites to take their place. Say, for example: I am not weak, but strong. I am not helpless, but all powerful. I am not limited, but unlimited. I am not doubtful, but certain. I am not an illusion, but a reality.

You should never, ever, use these two words in a negative sense, for they’ll either lead you away from your Self and deeper into separation and hell or they’ll lead you back to your Self, to Unity and Heaven. That’s how powerful they are. Use them in a positive manner when answering the question asked above: “If you are not a body, what are you? Your answer should be similar to this: I am not a body for I am Spirit.

I’m going to close this post with some words from A Course in Miracles: “…Accept the holy instant as this year is born and take your place, so long left unfulfilled, in the Great Awakening. Make this year different by making it all the same. And let all your relationships be made holy for you.”

Thanks for visiting this site. I am Blessed by your presence and so grateful for it. Let your heart rule and make this a Blessed, Healthy, Safe and Happy Year. God Bless You.