Unity & Healing

“All sickness comes from separation. When the separation is denied, it goes. For it is gone as soon as the idea which brought it has been healed and been replaced by sanity.”   ~~A Course In Miracles

I had heard of A Course In Miracles for a couple of years before I made a decision to acquire a copy for myself. I became the owner of one in 2,011 and from my very first reading of just a few chapters I felt that I held the pinnacle of Spiritual teachings in my hands. I felt that it was the ultimate,  and no other Spiritual work would ever reach beyond its Truth. I, therefore, immediately accepted it as the Truth and have not seriously read any other Spiritual work since that time. I have tried a few but have found them uninteresting and left them after a chapter or two.  But I do use other sources for quotes from time to time.  

 I would find it very difficult indeed to write a post on the subject of healing without including the following statement from The Course: “This course will be believed entirely or not at all. For it is wholly true or wholly false and cannot be but partially believed. And you will either escape from misery entirely or not at all.”

The Course also provides us with this other information about itself: “This is a course in miracles. And as such, the laws of healing must be understood before the purpose of the course can be accomplished.”

“Miracles are natural. When they do not occur, something has gone wrong.”   ~~A Course In Miracles

How many people in this world really and truly believe, deep within themselves, the idea that miracles are natural? I would venture to say there aren’t that many. Most humans see the physical world around them as real and natural. And anything, or any occurrence, that doesn’t fit into this way of seeing is something other than natural. Because of this error miracles are believed to be something above and beyond the natural and are usually referred to as supernatural

But that being said, I don’t want to leave the impression that miracles are natural for those who see the flesh and fail to recognize the Spirit. They are natural to those who recognize the Spirit and accept the truth about themselves that they are Creations of God and,  as such, part of God. If you’re part of God – and you are – everything that’s looked upon as a miracle in this illusionary world is simply natural to you. 

As Jesus points out in the above quote, when they do not occur, something has gone wrong. What is this “something” that has gone wrong? It’s a belief that most humans hold about themselves. They believe they have accomplished the impossible, even though they don’t see it as such. They believe that they have separated themselves from their Creator. Therefore, they see themselves as little physical entities trapped here in this physical world trying desperately to avoid the inevitable referred to as death, but yet hoping it may offer an escape. 

They see God as some sort of Grandfather figure who dwells way off in space in some sort of geographical location called heaven. This god is all-powerful and capable of healing all manner of sickness. But he keeps this power unto himself which they try to beseech him to share with them. But in most cases he is stubborn and holds onto it tightly and shares it not. 

“You have never understood what ‘the Kingdom of Heaven is within you’ means.”   ~~A Course In Miracles

Jesus goes on to say, “The word ‘within’ is unnecessary. The Kingdom of Heaven is you.” But statements like these don’t make any sense until we can wholeheartedly accept the following as true: “God is not in you in a literal sense; you are part of Him.

Oh, how difficult it is for those who have been imprisoned by false and mad ideas for eons of time to accept the Truth. How difficult it is to walk this unlit journey of physicality and reconcile what we perceive with the physical senses with the idea that we’re part of God. It’s so difficult to perceive, accept and then believe myself to be the Kingdom of Heaven.

But then, I must accept and concentrate upon the idea until I believe it or place The Course and Its teachings aside and out of my awareness. But that’s an impossibility for me because I’m in love with Jesus and his teachings. Therefore, I accept the idea that I AM the Kingdom of Heaven – and so are you!    

“The body needs no healing. But the mind that thinks it is a body is sick indeed!”   ~~A Course In Miracles

Again, it’s information like this that causes me to reach for the assurance that the following provides: “This course will be believed entirely or not at all. For it is wholly true or wholly false and cannot be but partially believed.” 

I realize I used this quote in the second paragraph of this post so I’m not repeating myself absent-mindly. I use it whenever I need to be reminded of my faith in The Course because of the ultimatum it presents. It reminds me that there’s no contradictions in The Course and I must accept all of it as true or all of it as false. There’s no room for compromise in this. The idea that the body needs no healing  is so far removed from the thinking of this upside down and illusionary world that it causes a need for reinforcing my belief in the reality of The Course.

“The separation is merely another term for a split mind. It was not an act, but a thought.”   ~~A Course In Miracles

In this world of duality everything has to have an opposite. That is why we believe that everything concerning life or love has an opposite. Life seems to end in death, which we believe is its opposite. We believe we can love some and hate others at the same time, which causes the error that love can have an opposite. But in truth neither love nor life can have an opposite. The belief that they can is congruent with a split mind. 

As the above quote plainly points out. Separation and a split mind are one and the same thing. And as my opening quote says, all sickness comes from separation. From this we must conclude that a split mind is the cause of all sickness. In lesson 190 of The Course we’re told: “There is nothing in the world which has the power to make you ill or sad or weak or frail. But it is you who have the power to dominate all things you see by merely recognizing what you are.”

Recognizing what I am is the very same as recognizing the Spirit, for that’s what I am. Jesus confirms this in Lesson 97 when he says: “And He will speak to you, reminding you that you are Spirit, one with Him and God, your brothers and your Self.” The “He” referred to here is the Holy Spirit, the Voice for God. If I listen to Him and accept this description of myself, that I am Spirit, one with God and everything in the Universe, then miracles will begin to happen in my experience absolutely naturally.

I understand that if I can accept the truth about myself that I am Spirit and, as such, in complete unity with my Creator then my mind is healed. It’s healed for I will no longer perceive myself to be separate from God  or anything else in the entire Universe. In other words, my mind is no longer split but in unity with everything. 

I’m going to close this post with a rather long quote from The Course that lays out what will happen when the mind is healed of separation and no longer tries to serve two thought-systems: “The body can become a sign of life, a promise of redemption, and a breath of immortality to those grown sick of breathing in the fetid scent of death. Let it have healing as its purpose. Then will it send forth the message it received and by its health and loveliness proclaim the truth and value that it represents. Let it receive the power to represent an endless life, forever unattacked. And to your brother let its message be, ‘Behold me, brother; at your hand I live.’” 

Thank You for visiting this site. I am truly grateful. May God Bless you with happiness and perfect health.


“Love is your safety. Fear does not exist. Identify with love, and you are safe. Identify with love, and you are home. Identify with love, and find your Self.” –ACIM

“Veganism is believing that an animal’s life is worth more than a sandwich. That’s it! That’s how simple it is.” –The Spiritual Vegan


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