Finding Equanimity

All Course In Miracles quotes used in these posts are taken from the “Original Edition,” published by the Course in Miracles Society of Omaha, Nebraska.

“This place of darkness is not your home.”   ~~Jesus; A Course In Miracles

As I sit down in front of my computer, feeling as if I need to write a post, I wonder if I can keep focused on the Spirit. There’s a whole lot going on in this world at the moment. It seems that if I relax for an instant it will, quickly and without hesitation, pull my attention away from the Truth. This is one of those times when we really need to keep our focus on that which we, as recognizers of the Spirit, know to be true. 

First of all let’s clarify something; the “place of darkness” mentioned in the above quote is not referring to the world. It’s actually referring to the body. Many, many people actually believe the illusion that they are bodies or living in bodies. And it’s not very difficult to understand why this is so. 

“You see the flesh or recognize the Spirit. There is no compromise between the two. If one is real the other must be false, for what is real denies its opposite.”   ~~Jesus; A Course In Miracles

There’s something that you cannot do no matter how determined you may be to do it; it cannot be done. And that something is this: You cannot reconcile the Truth with that which is false. You cannot be a believer in A Course in Miracles and see yourself as a body, or living in a body, at the same time. The two positions simply cannot be reconciled. As the above quote says, there is no compromise between the two. If one is real the other must be false.

The Course is not at all complicated in its teaching. The only complication arises from your ability to accept or not accept its message. As it says about itself: “The whole purpose of this course is to teach you that the ego is unbelievable and will forever be unbelievable.” 

“The only time the ego allows anyone to look upon with some amount of equanimity is the past.”   ~~Jesus; A Course In Miracles

As I write this post there are occurrences happening in this world that won’t allow many to look upon them with any amount of equanimity. In fact, they’re serious enough to instill dread and fear into the minds of  those who see the flesh and fail to recognize the Spirit.

When The Course talks about seeing the flesh it’s not specifically talking about the bodies you see going about their so-called normal activities every day, even though that’s part of it.  It’s actually talking about looking upon this insane world and accepting it as if it were real. Again, it’s not possible to look upon the world of the ego as being real and at the same time recognize the Spirit. The two positions are irreconcilable. As Jesus tells us, if one is real the other must be false, for what is real denies its opposite.  As The Course also says: “On this one choice does all your world depend, for here have you established what you are, as flesh or Spirit in your own belief. 

“The power of decision is your one remaining freedom as a prisoner of this world.”   ~~Jesus; A Course In Miracles

The power to consciously decide sits latent within everyone but most don’t use it. Most people allow those whose power and thinking come from a complete egotistical mind, which is devoid of love, to decide for them. These dark entities teach that there’s no choice to be made; we’re all physical beings and that’s it. But The Course teaches us differently. It teaches that the ego is unbelievable and will forever be unbelievable. Is it not time we stopped listening to these dark, lying, egotistical and self-serving false teachers? Is it not time to listen to God’s Teacher?

In order to hear God’s Teacher, which is the Holy Spirit, you’ll have to open your heart for He cannot be heard through the intellect. If you’re willing to listen He’ll teach you that you’re Spirit and show you how to recognize what you are. He’ll teach you that you’re a part of God and as such you’re a Creator. He’ll teach you that the darkness of this world can have no effect on you for you are a Light to the world. He’ll teach you to believe in the words of people like St. Francis of Assisi who said, “all the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.” He’ll teach you to believe The Course when it tells you, you are a “Child of God,” and “you were created to create the good, the beautiful, and the holy.”

“There is a law of the Universe which says: A single Creator inspired by love is stronger than all the sciences combined, which are deprived of love.”   ~~Anastasia

Anastasia, a beautiful woman who lives deep in the remote wild forests of Siberia is considered by many to be “the purest, happiest and most powerful person alive today.” She knows about the laws of the natural world and those of the Universe. She knows of the Power we humans possess as Co-Creators with our Creator. She also knows that this power belongs to and is an attribute of Love, which we all are part of. 

She knows that any one of us who can allow him/herself to recognize, and then to be completely and utterly connected to the Spirit, which is to say, inspired by Love, is stronger than all the dark forces, which are completely devoid of Love, combined. She says that it’s actually a law of the Universe.

“This is the law of God, and it has no exceptions. What you deny you lack, not because it is lacking, but because you have denied it in another and are therefore not aware of it in you.”   ~~Jesus; A Course In Miracles

 A law of the Universe and the law of God are the same law. If you deny the law of the Universe that Anastasia tells us about then you have denied God’s law and therefore you lack His Power. As the above quote tells us: You don’t lack this God-given Power because it is lacking. You lack it because you have denied it in another and are therefore not aware of it in you. 

The Course tells us in numerous places that when God created you, He made you part of Him. I realize that I repeat this often in my posts but I do so because I believe it’s one of the most important teachings in The Course. If you can accept it as true and allow it to become part of your belief system then you are in the cherished position of being able to erase all dread and fear from your awareness. For how could you hold onto the low energy emotions of dread and fear once you accept the truth that you are a part of God? 

If there ever was a time to accept this truth into your belief system it is now. Picking a side to blame for what’s happening in this world at this time won’t change a thing. That’s the way of the ego. What is needed now is for all Spirit recognizing people to envision the world enveloped in Love and Light. It is imperative that each of us see ourselves as Anastasia knows us to be, stronger than all the dark ones combined. When each of us see ourselves that powerful and then together visualize a world of peace it will happen. When you reach that point where you can accept the truth about yourself, that you are an all-powerful Spiritual being, a part of God, you’ll then find equanimity within yourself.  

I’m going to close this post with a quote from A Course In Miracles that will help you remember just how powerful and important you are to the whole of Creation. Hopefully it will help you realize that you can make a difference in this world: “Without you there would be a lack in God, a Heaven incomplete, a Son without a Father. There could be no universe and no reality.”  

I am grateful to you for visiting this site. Thank You.


“Love is your safety. Fear does not exist. Identify with love, and you are safe. Identify with love, and you are home. Identify with love, and find your Self.”  ~~ACIM

“Veganism is believing that an animal’s life is worth more than a sandwich. That’s it! That’s how simple it is.” ~~The Spiritual Vegan


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