The Two Desires

“The free will that God gave you is what has allowed you to make of yourself and your world what you will.” …ACOL

There’s not much doubt that most everyone has heard the phrase, the more you get the more you want. Have you ever wondered why this is so; because for sure it is? It matters not how many of our own plethora of desires we achieve they never bring with them any lasting satisfaction. Again, have you ever wondered why they never do?

In this world the fulfillment of desires will never satisfy for it matters not what those desires seem to be, in truth they’re all illusions. No matter how strong the desire is it’s an illusion seeking fulfillment through more illusions. The only “real” part of the whole process is the one doing the desiring. The person desiring is a creation of God and illusions will never satisfy a creation of God.

“Your desire to be separate is the most insane desire of which you have conceived.” …ACOL

The desire to be separate is an insane desire because it would require you to separate yourself from Life Itself. To reach a state where you don’t exist. As A Course In Miracles tells us: “The Presence of Holiness lives in everything that lives, for Holiness created life and leaves not what It created holy as Itself.”

According to this quote there was something before “Life” was created. And again, according to the quote this “something,” which is referred to as “Holiness” is part of everything that lives. Which means It’s part of you and you’re part of It.

“Movement is energy, the life force of creation and of being, both in unity and in time. …ACOL

According to the above quote from A Course Of Love, energy is the life force of creation. And it also enlightens us to the idea that “movement” and “energy” are one and the same thing. As I see it there’s no going back and wondering what came before Holiness.

As we view ourselves in this world we see separated little entities dwelling in time and believing there has to be a beginning back there somewhere. But like everything in this world our views of ourselves and beginnings are all illusions. For you are not a separated little entity, Holiness did not have a beginning and whether we can understand it, or not, Jesus tells us in both ACIM and ACOL that time is an illusion.

Even though time is an illusion, which means, in truth, it doesn’t exist, which, in turn, means that everything is in a state of eternal Being, it would be impossible to write, talk or even think about these subjects while we believe we’re in time without using words such as, beginning, before, after, when, etc.

“The fact that God is love does not require belief, but it does require acceptance.” …ACIM

Without acceptance of the truth that God is Love you’ll never understand that any and all feelings of Love you have ever had, now have or ever will have are there because the Presence of Holiness lives in you. For Love has no other source than that of Holiness, which is the Wholeness of All there ever was, is or ever will be.

There never was, there isn’t now nor will there ever be anything outside of Love. There is nothing beyond it, there never was anything before it and there never will be anything after it. Before, behind, after, outside, inside, here, there and all other words that represent time and space have no meaning in the Presence of Love. There is nothing else – that’s it. Love is.

“…It would be most beneficial to remind yourself that Love created you like Itself. Hear the truth about yourself in this.” …ACIM

Love, God and Holiness are synonymous, they all refer to the same underlying Energy of Creation, which we mostly refer to as God and I like to refer to as Love. No one can describe this Energy, it’s useless to try. The only description that can be uttered at all is, God is. But that being said, It can be known. If It couldn’t be known then you could never know your Self. You are part of It as the above quote from A Course In Miracles tells us: Love created you like Itself. The Course also tells us: “You cannot be anywhere that God did not put you, and God created you as part of Him.”

Do you think it’s reasonable to believe that God would put you in a loveless world in a physical body that is destined to end in the illusion we refer to as death? God is not even aware of anything as morbid, fearful and opposite of Love as death. God’s will for you is complete and eternal happiness and once you can see beyond the ego’s insane teachings you’ll see that God’s Will and your will are one and the same.

“Into eternity, where all is one, there crept a tiny mad idea at which the Son of God remembered not to laugh.” …ACIM

Nothing can be separate in timelessness for timelessness is eternity where all Life is one and separation is not possible. The tiny mad idea that crept into eternity was the first illusion ever to enter the mind of God’s creation. It was the illusion that eternity can have an opposite. That time could intrude upon it and become the gateway in which separation from Love was possible.

There can be no unity in time for time is an illusion and unity is reality. The very concept of time, which is composed of past, present and future, is consistent with separation. Everything is separated by seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months, years, decades, etc. And these all can reach back into the past, which doesn’t exist. Or they can reach forward into the future which doesn’t exist either because it hasn’t been made yet. Your future in time is made by each and every decision you make now – in the present moment.

We have lost our way as we have descended into the fear and darkness of separation. It can be no other way for Love is everything and can have no opposite. By believing in the impossibility of separating ourselves from Love we have filled our separated minds with illusions.

The most insane one of all being our belief that we’re now living in that which we call time. It’s the most insane of them all because it leads to the illusion we refer to as death, which leads to the belief that Life Itself has an ending. To believe Life can die, or have an ending, is to believe God can die for God IS Life.

On this journey through darkness and fear caused by the acceptance of the ego’s teaching that we are separate from our Creator we are enveloped by conditions that cause us pain and misery. We’re unaware that these conditions are all made up in our own minds by our own thoughts. Therefore, we keep sending out thoughts of desire hoping that these desires will improve our lot in life, so to speak.

Notwithstanding all of our myriad of desires we send out in the hope they’ll improve our lot in life there’s only two that will ever satisfy us when they’re reached. They are the desire to love and the desire to be loved. Nothing else will ever satisfy us.

I’m going to close this post with a quote from A Course in Miracles: “You go toward love, still hating it and terribly afraid of its judgment upon you. And you do not realize that you are not afraid of love, but only of what you have made of it.”



“Identify with love, and you are safe. Identify with love, and you are home. Identify with love, and find your Self.” …ACIM


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  1. thank you so much for another amazing post!

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  2. Love your articles. They are both enlightening and heart warming. Thank you and God bless you.

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