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“If you do not seek where what you wish to find can be found, you seek in vain.”   …ACOL

Does anyone really believe that when they’re searching for something they’ll find it anywhere other than where it actually is? It may seem silly to answer this question in the affirmative with, yes, most people do. They continuously search for answers to their questions in a location where they don’t, never did, or ever will exist. They keep seeking for answers from within a world of illusions and find none except those that add to the confusion, causing even more questions to be asked.

The main questions most everyone is looking for answers to are: Who am I; what am I; where did I come from; where am I going; how did I get here; what is life; what is death; does life have a purpose; if it does, what is that purpose?  There are many, many more but these are usually the first ones asked. And as mentioned above, every time an answer shows up it brings a number of other questions with it.

04-02-20- Not helpless“You know when you have ceased to ask questions.”    …ACIM

There’s not one living thing in the universe that doesn’t know what it is. But humans have forgotten what they know and because of this they don’t know that they know. Most people have forgotten who they are and why they’re here in this physical world of illusions. It’s a world of illusions because it teaches everyone that a whole lot of impossibilities are real. It leads us to believe that all the negative stuff we see around us everyday, such as war, suffering, sickness, poverty, loneliness and death are real. 

This world teaches and tries to convince us that these things are real. But in truth it never fully succeeds, which causes us to ask all the questions I mentioned above. We continue to ask questions and seek answers because deep inside, in the very center of our beings, in our hearts, we know this world with all its illusions is not real.  Deep within our hearts we know that birth is not the beginning and death is not the end. We also know that sickness, suffering, poverty, loneliness, death and all the other fearful and negative experiences don’t fit in with the idea of a Loving God’s creation.


“The problem that bothers you most is the fundamental question which man continually asks of himself, but which cannot properly be directed to himself at all. He keeps asking himself what he is.”   …ACIM

Light and darkness, health and sickness, life and death; none of these conditions are joint possibilities. They simply won’t fit together – where one is the other must be absent. This is also true about that which we believe we are. If we are one thing – a body for example – then we cannot be Spirit, again it’s simply not a joint possibility.

The above quote describes the dilemma in which man finds himself. It’s talking about the majority of the human race, those who continue to ask questions but know not whom to ask. And so they keep asking themselves even though they unknowingly see themselves as nothing but a body. And as mentioned in the above paragraph if they see themselves as a body then they cannot recognize the Spirit. For as mentioned, it’s simply not a joint possibility. 

It seems like a very complicated situation, for most humans have been conditioned from birth to believe they are no more than a physical body. Even so, as already mentioned, there’s not one living thing in the universe that doesn’t know what it is. And so deep within we know that what we’ve been conditioned to believe about ourselves is a falsehood. 

We can feel the call of Truth pulsating from within the depths of our beings. We can feel it because our Father, our Creator, has not abandoned His Creations as we’re conditioned to believe. He has placed the Call of Love within us as a beacon of Light to lead us back home; back to our true Homes of Truth and Unity. It’s the eternal Call of Love, which has Its Source outside of time, and It will continue to sound until we hear and understand It well enough to recognize our true Selves

Life's enjoyment

“You feel a little duped at being told love is the answer.”   …ACOL

Why wouldn’t we feel a little duped to be told something that has been repeated and repeated by spiritual teachers for thousands of years, and yet this world remains a world of suffering and death? How could we not feel duped while we continue to hold onto falsehoods, which, in turn, keep us believing in illusions, which, in turn, block our access to the only answer there is, ever was, or ever will be?  

As mentioned in the quote before this one, man keeps asking himself what he is. And in A Course In Miracles, Jesus answers the question plainly: “This is the Voice of truth replacing everything that the ego tells you about yourself with the simple truth about the Son of God. You were created by Love like Itself.

03-19-Richard Bach-2

“You are the learner here until you realize that you are Love.”   …ACOL

There is a Divinely Intelligent and Divinely Thinking Energy that underlies everything in creation. This Energy, which I like to think of as Divine Intelligence, permeates, penetrates, surrounds and fills the inner spaces of the entire cosmos. This Divine Intelligence is that which, in human language, is known as Love. 

In the beginning this Divine Intelligence – Love – was a Being of One. And a Being of One cannot know Itself for there is nothing else to relate to. In order to Know Itself Divine Intelligence understood that there had to be an observer as well as that being observed and a relationship between the two. Therefore, Divine Intelligence extended Itself. 

This Extension of Itself is called in human language, Spirit or Christ or in some criteria God’s Only Son.  It is the All-Of-All, the I Am, the All-Powerful, the All-Knowing, the All-Compassionate and the only Source of all Creation. It is the Source of All Life and everything that exists, including you and me. 

You are an Extension, or if you prefer, a Part of this Divine Intelligence, and a Part contains the same Attributes as the Whole. In other words, you are an Extension of Love, and it doesn’t require much deciphering to understand that an extension of anything is the same as that from which it is extended. In other words, You were created by Love like Itself, Therefore, you are Love.


“You will see that there is one answer, an answer different for everyone and yet the same for everyone. That answer is acceptance of your Self.”    …ACOL

In the second paragraph of this post I listed some questions that most humans keep asking themselves. They are: Who am I; what am I; where did I come from; where am I going; how did I get here; what is life; what is death; does life have a purpose; if it does, what is that purpose? These questions can be answered individually only to the extent that the answers make sense and cause satisfaction for the individual asker. Answers to these questions are valid to the individual only to the extent they adhere to expressions of the One. The following are answers I’ve discovered that meet this standard for myself. 

Who am I? You are a Child of God. What am I? You are pure Spirit, an Extension of your Creator. Where did I come from? You came from the Heart of God. Where am I going? You’re not going anywhere for you’re Part of God and there’s no place that God is not. How did I get here? Your body is your own expression and represents what you believe you are. It is not you. What is life? Life is the eternal All-of- All. It is Everything. There is nothing else.  What is death? Death is nothing, it is an illusion. It can deceive only those who see the flesh and fail to recognize the Spirit. Does life have a purpose? Life is God, God is Life, and God cannot be purposeless. If it does, what is that purpose? God’s will for you is Happiness and Joy. Life has no other purpose.  

The above ACOL quote states plainly that the one answer is acceptance of your Self. This is so because Love is the Answer to everything and Love is what you are. 

I’m going to close this post with a quote from Gary Zukav: “Eventually you will come to understand that love heals everything, and love is all there is.”




“Identify with love, and you are safe. Identify with love, and you are home. Identify with love, and find your Self.”


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