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“No learning is acquired by anyone unless he wants to learn it and believes in some way that hneeds it”   …ACIM

There’s not a living entity on this planet that doesn’t have needs. Everything and everyone that lives has them, and the thing is, many of them are universal. Everything that lives has some of the same needs. We’re all well aware of the basic needs of human beings such as food, water, clothing and shelter. These are all universal needs and not one person is without them.

Even though every human needs the things mentioned in the above paragraph, we all understand that for some these needs are met a lot easier than they are for others. For the majority of humans on this Earth it’s a daily struggle to have these basic needs met, if they’re met at all. While, relatively speaking, a few have them met so easily they don’t even have to think about them.

This disparity among humans is one of the main factors in civil unrest, and one of the causes of much suffering in this physical environment. This need not be! With all the technology and plentiful natural resources available in these modern times all basic human needs could be easily met. The one and only things that keeps it from happening is ego greed and the thing called profit.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to make a profit. What I am saying is this: It’s greed that causes a need in some to make more and more and hoard it when they already have more than enough. This is the culprit that causes the majority of people on this Earth to have to struggle every day to fulfill even their basic needs, if, as mentioned, they’re met at all.

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“You have dreamed of a separated ego, and you have believed in a world which rests upon it.”   …ACIM

The needs that are the subject of this post aren’t these basic human needs, as mentioned above. Those are universal and necessary to all physical bodies. The needs that make up the subject of this post are like that only in the sense that they are universal and necessary to everyone. But this is where their similarity ends.

These needs are not necessary in order to maintain a physical body in this physical world. But if you have a desire to ever see a different world; a world where all basic human needs will not only be met without struggle of any sort, but will be exceeded; a world of LOVE where compassion, health, happiness and joy reign supreme then you have a need to change your beliefs and to look at things differently.

The greatest need in this category is the need to change your beliefs about what you really are. If you walk out your door today and see a world of sickness, misery, war and suffering it’s because of your belief that you are no more than an ego. The ego’s world is a world based in fear and separation, which is the cause of all sickness, misery, war and suffering.  


“You are not the victim of the world you see because you invented it. You can give it up as easily as you made it up.”   …ACIM

If you read the Abraham quote in the image on the left and compare it to the the ACIM quote above you should, even though different words are used, see the similarity in meaning between the two.

The two expressors did not copy each other, I’m certain. But there is a similarity between their quotes because they both came from the same Source.

The Source they originated from is the One Source that underlies every truth in the universe. This Source is called by many names, but the One Name that fits it in physical language is LOVE. This is so because we humans have learned to relate to the word LOVE in a way that we relate to no other word, including the word, God. It’s the only physical word that our minds can relate to that expresses an underlying sense of something we can’t explain. The word, LOVE, expresses something that even though none of us can really explain it, and most of us are afraid of it, we’re all aware of our need for it.


The above quote from A Course in Miracles and the one from Esther Hicks both are LOVE’S expression of a truth to any and all who may be ready to listen.

“When your mood tells you that you have chosen wrongly, and this is so whenever you are not joyous, then know this need not be.”   …ACIM

If, as Esther Hicks (Abraham) says, you are the creator of your own reality (and you are); then how could you be a victim of the world you see unless you make yourself so by believing yourself to be one?

Abraham also tells us how this creating our own realities is done: “You are the chooser of the thought right now.” And the only choice available, regardless of how many there may seem to be, is between LOVE and its opposite, which is fear. There are no other choices.

We as humans have our individual needs, but the most urgent and the most important need facing humanity is a need the whole world has. It’s the need to put an end to a plague that has been following mankind since the beginning of time. It’s the need to once and for all put an end to suffering; human suffering and the suffering of all sentient beings on this Earth.  

Oh, I’m well aware of all the laughing, scoffing, disbelief and negative thoughts and feelings such a statement will extract from most everyone that reads it. I’m well aware of all the gasps and negative expressions that will burst forth, such as: Good luck with that; a good idea, but an impossible one, etc., etc.. But regardless of that I’m stating flat out that the it is possible, and more than that, the very survival of mankind depends upon it being so.

“…To have chosen to express the Self in physical form was a choice consistent with the laws of love”   …ACOL

Our original purpose of expression into this physical dimension was to express LOVE in an observable form by expressing our Selves. But we have lost sight of this original purpose and have convinced ourselves that expression into the physical is done by separating from our Source – from LOVE! Therefore, the one and only need we truly have is to reclaim the connection and live in unity with our Source.

I’m going to close this post with a quote from A Course in Miracles: “You have no problems, though you think you have… Think not the limits you impose on what you see can limit God in any way.”







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