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“As a being birthed by a thought of God, you grew simultaneously with God’s thought. You knew your place in the pattern of creation from the outset. A full life is quite simply a fulfillment of that thought and that pattern.”   …ACOL

There is no such thing as my life, your life, this life, his life or her life. There is Life and Life just is. It cannot be divided into sections. Most of us think of this physical experience as life, but this is not life. It is simply an experience being experienced by Life. It is experienced through relationship with it. The relationship is Life, and Life is the relationship.

When Life, through perception, is divided into individual parts such as my life, her life or your life, it loses all meaning. It is through these divisions that all fears and problems arise. If you look at another person and perceive him or her as living a separated life then there’s no other option than to be reminded of death. How can Life hold any meaning for those who see It as being susceptible to an ending in death?

Life is! God is! Love is! You are! You are Life, you are Love, you are part of God. God cannot be broken up into individual lives. Everything you see at this very moment is visible to you through a relationship with it. Love, Life, your Self and God are synonymous. You are one within a Holy Relationship with Love, Life, your Self and God. You are the relationship that exists in all of creation. Without you there would be no creation. There would be no Life, no Love, no God. For it is you who holds everything together through relationship with All-That-Is.

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“No Thought of God has left its Father’s Mind.”   …ACIM

Who am I; what am I; where am I; how did I get here; where am I going; what is my purpose? Each and every one of us ask ourselves these types of questions on a daily basis whether we admit it or not.

They’re not that difficult to answer. Who am I, for example? You are God’s Offspring in a Holy relationship with your Creator. What am I? You are an extension of Life, an extension of Love, an extension of God. Where am I? You are in the Mind of God, and you will never be anywhere else. How did I get here? You were thought into existence by your Creator as an Idea. Where am I going? You’re not going anywhere, you’re already there. What is my purpose? You are a Co-Creator in a Holy Relationship with God. Your purpose is to create new worlds based in Love and Joy; that’s your one and only purpose.

“You are love and joy and freedom and clarity expressing… That’s who you are.”   …Esther Hicks (Abraham)

How could you be anything other than Love if you’re a part of Love? And if you’re Love how could you be anything other than joyful, free and clear? You are an extension of your Creator and your Creator can express only love, joy, freedom and clarity because that’s who your Creator is. Therefore, that’s who you are.

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In the above image quote the spiritual teacher, Frederick Lenz, says: “There is nothing and no one else but your dear friend, eternity, who has always loved you, who will always love you.”  

Eternity has always loved you and and will always love you because Love begets Love. Eternity is Love, Love is Eternal and you are part of It. The metaphorical observation concerning you and the ocean in this image quote by the great Persian poet, Rumi, could just as well read: You are not a part of Eternity, you are all of Eternity in a part. As Frederick Lenz pointed out, there is nothing and no one else.

“Love is the strongest force in the universe.”   …Frederick Lenz

Law Of Positivism on Instagram: “Do you know how powerful you are? You are not here because the world exists, the world exists because you are here! It is your expectations…”

I’m not comfortable using the word “force” when referring to Love, as Mr. Lenz did. I’m not criticizing his selection of words, I simply saying that I prefer not to use it.  So I’m going to change it to Power, and ask; how could Love not be the greatest Power in the universe, when it is the only Power?

As Mr. Lenz himself pointed out when referring to your dear friend eternity, which I equate with Love: There is nothing and no one else

God is Love, Love is God, and nothing exists outside of God. There is no other power in the universe. When you’re ready to look inside your own heart (the very center of your being) you’ll become aware of this Power, for you’ll once again recognize Love. Love is what God is and Love resides in the very center of your Self – your own heart. In other words, your heart is God’s dwelling place, for it’s the dwelling place of Love. And where God is there God’s Power must be.

What seems to be power in opposition to God is none other than your God-given Power used from the foundation of separation and fear. You are not only a Creation of God, but you are part of God. Therefore you share God’s Life and God’s Power; the very Life and Power of creation. You can become unaware of this Power, but it cannot be taken from you nor can you lose it or fail to use it. You are using the very Power of God in every instant of every day in every choice you make. It simply cannot be any other way.

“Fear and love are the only emotions of which you are capable.”   …ACIM

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Your life consists of a continuous series of thoughts, for you are, as my opening quote says, a being birthed by a thought of God. Not one thing has changed since your creation. You are part of your Creator, and Love never changes. As soon as Love thought of you as an Idea, you became a being of love with the ability to think. And every thought you have thought since has become an entity with the ability to think. That’s how creation takes place.

The important thing is to become conscious of which source your thoughts originate from. There’s only two sources from which you receive thoughts. One is your true Source, which is Love, or your Self. Every thought that originates in this Source creates that which is like unto itself.

Thoughts of Love or Joy do not come from the ego-mind, for this is the home of the ego. These thoughts come from the Heart, which is the Home of Love, the Home of God, the Home of your Self. These are the thoughts that create the eternal. Which is why your dear friend eternity loves you, for It knows you as It’s Creator.

On the other hand, thoughts such as those of fear or sadness originate in the ego-mind, which is the home of the ego and all its negativity. These are the thoughts that make the temporary, such as sadness, depression or anger. They are thoughts of separation and fear.

I’m going to close this post with a quote from A Course in Miracles: “The world you see does nothing. It has no effects at all. It merely represents your thoughts. And it will change entirely as you elect to change your mind and choose the joy of God as what you really want.”






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