The Battle

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“On a lovely day and in a lovely place you can see that creation’s paradise still exists, but nowhere can you find the being God created in His image.   …ACOL

For eons of time we humans have unwittingly fought a battle to keep ourselves ensconced in illusions and securely hidden from reality. It has been, and in most cases still is, a horrendous battle against an imagined enemy and impossible odds.

We set out with good intentions of expressing our Selves in form. But somewhere along the journey an insane idea crept into our thinking. And eventually, as we still do at times, we decided to act upon this insane idea. The idea that we could exist separated from God, which was then, and will always be, an impossibility.

If we could only imagine the amount of energy it has taken to maintain this silly journey we would immediately understand why we and this world we have made are tired. It’s a journey leading nowhere, and it requires we do battle every step of the way with God, whom we have made into our imagined enemy.

“God is incomplete without you, because His grandeur is total, and you cannot be missing from it.”   …ACIM

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Can you imagine the energy required to render God incomplete; if it were even possible? It’s simply not possible, but nevertheless it’s what we believe we have done. Since the beginning of time we have continuously expended the energy necessary to place ourselves in an illusionary state of separation from Him.

How many of us humans believe ourselves to be in a state of grandeur? I would answer, the same amount that truly and completely believe they were created as part of God, and will always and eternally be part of Him.

It doesn’t require any learning on our part to recognize our grandeur. It requires unlearning of the belief that God dwells way off in the sky somewhere, and we are here on our own, apart from Him. As the above quote points out, God’s grandeur is total, and you cannot be missing from it. In other words, wherever God is there you are.

“Do you feel part of it and at one with all within it? If not, you have made yourself creation’s enemy.”   …ACOL

How many really and truly feel part of it and at one with all within creation? Again I would answer, only those that truly and completely believe they were created as part of God, and will always and eternally be part of Him. No one could believe – truly believe –  they are part of God and not understand they are in a state of grandeur and also feel part of creation and at one with all within it. 

The truth is, not many of us really and truly believe we are part of God. For to believe we are part of God would require we give up our specialness and our fears. We would have to let go of this journey we have laid out for ourselves. A journey leading nowhere except to the grave.

If you were to call upon your power of reason for just a few minutes you would understand how horrific the battle is we’re waging every moment of time. Each of us knows that the destination this journey is leading us to is none other than the grave. Some may hold onto the hope there’s life beyond this destination, but the destination is certain.

And yet we wage a hopeless battle to hold onto the journey, which we know is leading us to the grave. How insane is it to fight with every fibre of our perceived being to hold onto a journey that’s leading us nowhere except to the very place we’re fighting so fiercely to avoid?

“It is either a choice to be separate from God or a choice to be one with God.”   …ACOL

Nothing God created is accompanying you on this journey, for what He created will forever and always be part of Him. This journey we’re so determined to hold onto is a choice to be separate from God, therefore, it’s a journey through illusions leading nowhere. The being God created in His image will never be found here, for His creations cannot be found in illusions. God’s image is the whole of creation itself, for He is Love and creation is Love’s extension.

The Course reminds us that “the power of decision is your one remaining freedom as a prisoner of this world.” It requires an unimaginable expenditure of energy to maintain a state of perceived separation from God. But to be one with Him requires no effort at all. It simply requires a decision to be your Self.

That being said, the Course also points out: “The journey into darkness has been long and cruel, and you have gone deep into it.” The journey into darkness is none other than the belief you are a physical being and the body is your home.

“You who have grown weary of this experience rejoice, for you can choose a new experience.”   …ACOL

It requires no effort to be your Self; and who other than your Self would you want to be; who other than your Self could you be? You could be something or someone other than your Self only in dreams or illusions. If you took the time to ponder this, using your power of reason, you would conclude that it has to be the truth.

Because you have so firmly ensconced yourself in this world of illusions it will take a fair amount of dedication and determination to change your mind, give up the battle and surrender to Love. But surrendering to Love is the only way a new experience can be chosen.

When you finally and completely surrender to Love you’ll realize you’ve been fighting a non-existent battle against an imaginary enemy since time began. The only battle there ever was, or ever will be, is with yourself within your own thoughts.

I’m going to close this post with a quote from A Course of Love: “Because love has no physical form you cannot believe that love could be what you are, what you strive to be, what you seek to return to.”



“Child of God, you were created to create the good, the beautiful, and the holy. Do not lose sight of this.”


2 thoughts on “The Battle

  1. Mary Dora Theriault

    It is hard to believe this life (so it seems) is an illusion. I will be so happy to know, in the core of my being, who I truly am beyond this veil that seems to hide the truth from us. God help us to see the truth. Thank you for shedding light in the darkness of this illusion. God bless you. ❤️

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