Flowers and Mountains

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“Every flower that ever bloomed has saved its perfume and its loveliness for you”   …ACIM

From deep within the limitless and universal Source of LOVE springs the beauty and grandeur that unite and make themselves known by expressing through you as mountains, grass, trees, leaves, flowers and clear blue skies.

You may not remember the channel through which beauty and grandeur spring forth, but the individualized aspects of Spirit’s expression do. That’s why every flower that ever bloomed has saved its perfume and its loveliness for you. For the flowers remember well the channel that allows the union of their beauty and grandeur to be expressed in form.

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“Every leaf that falls is given life in you”   …ACIM

Can you not imagine the leaves expressing their thanks and gratitude in delightful Montages of fall colours and waving farewell as the underlying Spirit withdraws Its expressions of form until Spring? They’re expressing their thanks and gratitude because they know they have found their Source of life and Channel of expression through you.

“Each bird that ever sang will sing again in you”   …ACIM

Only the bottomless and unifying Power of LOVE could even imagine such scenarios as each bird that ever sang singing again, or every leaf that falls given life again. Does it not cause you to stop and wonder who you really and truly are that such miraculous happenings are destined to take place in you?

They’re destined to take place in you because there is nothing beyond you, for there is nothing beyond LOVE. They’re not destined to take place in the future, for the future is  one of those illusionary aspects of time that doesn’t exist. They’re destined to take place in you NOW because there is nothing beyond you and nothing beyond NOW.

Every flower that ever bloomed is sharing its perfume and its loveliness with you now. Every leaf that ever fell is living in you now. Each bird that ever sang is singing in you now. All of this and every other love-based happening imaginable is taking place in you NOW because everything – the All of ALL – happens continuously and eternally within the boundless and eternal Power, Beauty and Spaciousness of LOVE, which is your true Identity – It’s what you are. 

Your are pure energy manifested in human shape, always emitting and attracting energy that matches your frequency. With every thought and intention you imprint the room and the space with your light. Where there is darkness you can shed light with one loving word or gesture. You shine even brighter when you realize that there is no reason to stress or rush, to compare or to be compared, to judge yourself or judge others, and first and foremost when you realize that anything that anyone does h...“You makers of a world that is not so, take rest and comfort in another world where peace abides”   …ACIM

This world is a world of rejection and projection. It’s a world made of fearful and rejected feelings projected outside yourself. Feelings such as sickness, loneliness, sadness, lack, and all others that are feared or unwanted are rejected and then projected outward into separation. It’s a world that is not so, or not real. It’s a world whose foundation and building blocks are none other than fear.

We are told to take rest and comfort in another world where peace abides. This other world is the exact opposite of the one just mentioned. It’s a world of acceptance and extension; a world whose foundation and building blocks are none other than LOVE.

This is the world within you where each bird that ever sang is still singing, every leaf that ever fell is still living and every flower that ever bloomed continuously and eternally shares its perfume and its loveliness for all to enjoy.

“The opposite of love is fear, but what is all-encompassing can have no opposite”   …ACIM

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You will not be aware of this other world as long as you continue to reject and then project your fearful and unwanted feelings into the illusionary world outside yourself. To continue to do this means you  continue to believe in separation. For it’s an attempt to separate your feelings from yourself.

From deep within the unfathomable depths of LOVE comes the ability to know your Self. To understand that you are an eternal being of pure, unadulterated perfection; a part of God; an aspect of pure and perfect LOVE. An all-encompassing being with no opposite.

Unwanted feelings cannot be escaped from by rejection and projection. This procedure only amplifies their destructive power. There’s only one way to undo their effects and that is directly through LOVE, which excludes nothing.

They must be accepted, embraced and embodied within your Self – within LOVE’S eternal benevolence. Upon contact with the pure and unadulterated LOVE of your true Self their destructive power will fade away as mist fades away before the midday sun.

“…Love must be forever like itself, changeless forever and forever without alternative”   …ACIM

From deep within the limitless expanse of your true Self comes the Voice of Wisdom and Understanding reminding you of what you already know; a physical body could never contain the immensity of what you are.

This Voice, being the Voice for God, is the most Powerful in all the universe, yet we reject it and lay it aside as we allow the shrieks of the ego to be heard instead. And the ego is so happy to instill within your mind one of the most destructive beliefs of them all. The silly and false belief that you are a physical body and nothing more.

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“Happiness is your nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside.”   …Ramana Maharshi

From deep within the heart of the endless Spaciousness of your Self manifests the knowing that happiness is a constant companion of LOVE.

Fear and happiness cannot befriend one another. Where one is the other cannot be. Acceptance and choice are the keys to the doors. The sign on one door reads, “Fear,” while on the other the sign reads “LOVE.” It’s your very own choice as to which one you’re going to open.

Most are very strongly attracted to the door with the fear sign and very afraid of the door reading LOVE. And so they push upon the door marked fear, which swings so easily on its hinges of darkness and opens into a world of illusions. It’s an outside world of separation, and here they begin their search for happiness. And everywhere they look the signs proclaim the same message; the message of the ego which is, seek but do not find.

“One walks with you Who gently answers all your fears with this one merciful reply: ‘It is not so.'”   …ACIM

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Search, search and search they must, for they’re searching for their Home. They search with sad and downcast eyes looking through the foggy mist of illusions. But their Home is not there, for LOVE is the only real thing in the entire universe.

From the murky depths of fear come all the ills of the world. Fear wraps itself in negativity and dwells in darkness. The darkness contains the lower-order thoughts that produce such things as sickness, misery, loneliness, poverty and death.

But the door of LOVE continues to shine Its Light through the murky depths of fear with the message: It is not so. It invites all those that are searching to learn how easily it swings open on Its Hinges of Light and opens into a world of happiness.

Until next time I’ll leave you with this quote from A Course in Miracles: “If perfect love casts out fear, and if fear exists, then there is not perfect loveBut only perfect love really existsIf there is fear, it creates a state which does not exist.”




“Identify with love, and you are safe. Identify with love, and you are home. Identify with love, and find your Self.” 

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