What Are We Searching For?


“You will undertake a journey because you are not at home in this world. And you will search for your home whether you know where it is or not.”   …ACIM

How many of us have not gazed up at the stars on a clear star-lit night, and wondered; Who am I; where did I come from; how did I get here; why am I here; what is my purpose in life, etc., etc.? Would we ask these questions of ourselves unless, as the above quote implies, we know we’re not at home in this world?

We know this world is not our home, which is why, whether we want to admit it or not, we’re continuously searching for something. Many see this as searching for themselves. As trying to find themselves. Have you not heard some say something to this affect, I needed to let go of it all and find myself? And does this not verify the truth that many can’t accept the falsity that the world has taught us about who, or what, we are?


Beyond Love

I am truly a fan of Harold W. Becker, and use his quotes often. But even though I’ve used the lovely and beautiful image quote to the left, I feel as if I cannot agree with his wording completely. I have a problem with the idea of anyone wandering beyond love.

Before I say anything more I want to state emphatically that I’m not nitpicking nor am I a nitpicker. But there are instances when a word may be used that clouds the intent of the quote. I believe this may be just such an instance.

“It does aim, however, at removing the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence.” …ACIM

The first part of the above quote reads, The course does not aim at teaching the meaning of love, for that is beyond what can be taught. No one, not even Jesus himself, is capable of teaching the meaning of LOVE. No one needs to be taught the meaning of LOVE, for everyone at one time or another will experience and know it. To know the meaning of LOVE is to know your Self, and this cannot be taught; it can only be experienced. 

Your true Self and LOVE are synonymous, and it would be impossible to wander beyond your Self. But as The Course tells us, you are capable of finding many ways to block the awareness of LOVE, which is your true Self. The greatest block to awareness of LOVE and the one used the most is fear. And this whole perceived illusionary world is built on fear. Is it any wonder so many of us have a difficult time expressing LOVE when we believe we live in a world that has LOVE’S greatest block as its foundation?

“The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in.”    …Morrie Schwartz


The American Author, Morrie Schwartz, realized how important LOVE is. In the above quote he tells us that to learn how to share it – give it out and let in come in – is the most important thing in life.

I agree with him; in my last post I wrote that my only intent in writing this blog, is the hope that it might cause some to open up their hearts and discover the limitless LOVE waiting there to be shared with the world. 

But all that being said, I once again feel inclined to disagree a wee bit on the wording of  a quote. I don’t believe we need to, as Mr. Schwartz said, learn how to give or receive love. What we need to learn is that which The Course aims to teach, which is, how to remove the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence. Once these blocks are removed LOVE will make its presence know to the world. It will require no learning on our part for It to do so.

“While you think that you can choose to stand apart from God, apart from Love, apart from Creation, you cannot.”   …ACOL


Eventually we’ll all understand that to be separated from God, from LOVE, from Creation means we’d have to be separated from our Selves – which, by anyone’s reckoning is impossible. God, LOVE and Creation are all one and the same thing and you are Part of It.

There’s just one thing to be learned, and therefore, one message that needs to be repeatedly expressed in this world. Actually, it doesn’t need to be learned but remembered and recognized. It matters not one iota if you accept it or reject it, it remains what it is. That one message, no matter how it’s worded, has been the same since time began. In fact, time “began” when we made the choice to perceive ourselves as separated from our Creator and therefore, something other than what we are.

That one and only truth that needs to be accepted, and eventually remembered is expressed in The Course as: When God created you, He made you part of Him.That’s what you are, and that’s what you’ll eternally be, no matter how you perceive yourself in this world of illusions. 

What We’re Searching For


The title of this post asks the question… what are we searching for? There’s no denying the fact that if we’re searching – and whether we actively realize it or not, we are – then we must be trying to find something.

Are we looking for happiness, are we trying to find contentment, is it security we’re searching for, are we looking for freedom, a partner, good health; what are we searching for? My opening quote identifies the object of our search: You will search for your home. It also draws our attention to the truth that we are not at home in this world

If we’re not at home in this world then there’s no alternative other than to accept the idea that we’ll never find our home here. If it’s not here then the question is; where is it?  The Course tells us exactly where it is: Remember always that you cannot be anywhere except in the Mind of God.

There’s another truth we should also remember always, which is, God is LOVE. And as The Course says we cannot be anywhere except in His Mind so it’s plain to see that LOVE is our Home. Therefore, because every human has a deep and inherent longing for their true Home, a longing to love and to be loved, it’s LOVE that we’re always and continuously searching for.

“There is no fear in perfect Love”   …ACIM

If God is Love, and He is, then there is no LOVE but perfect LOVE. Any love that includes fear of any sort is not perfect LOVE. Most of the love experienced in this world is accompanied by a sense of fear. The fear is usually based on the possibility of losing the object of our love. When we love another person in this world it’s a glorious and beautiful thing. But there is always that sense of fear that arises in our awareness at times. It’s the fear of losing that person.

The LOVE we’re all searching for contains no fear, no sense of loss. It is LOVE that knows with certainty that we can never be separated from our true Self or those we truly love. It is our true Home, and it does not exist in this world, for this world is based in fear. Perfect LOVE can only be found within your heart – within your Self – for It’s your true identity as Part of God. As the quote I use at the bottom of these posts reminds us, Identify with love, and you are home.

I’m going to close this post with a quote from The Course (Underlining for emphasis is mine): If you deny love, you will not know it because your cooperation is the law of its being. You cannot change laws you did not make, and the laws of happiness were created for you, not by you.”  


“Identify with love, and you are safe. Identify with love, and you are home. Identify with love, and find your Self.”  




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