Part of it or the Whole Thing


“…This is a matter of all or nothing. You cannot accept part of one reality and part of another.”   …ACOL

How many books have been written; how many videos have been made; how many talks have been given; how many meetings have been attended; all with the purpose of teaching us how to live a spiritual life? Some may think that’s the intent of this blog; to teach people how to be spiritual – but it’s not.


The intent of this blog is not to teach nor learn, but to simply share LOVE with a world that does not even realize how badly it’s needed.

It’s written for no other reason than the hope that it might cause some to open up their hearts and discover the limitless LOVE waiting there to be shared with the world. That’s it! There’s no other intent.

There is one Life. That Life you share with God. Nothing can be apart from Him and live.   …ACIM

Most people believe they need to learn how to live a spiritual life, but the truth is, there’s no other life than a spiritual one. You cannot learn to be spiritual for that’s what you are. How could you learn to be what you already are? You cannot learn to be what you are, you can only accept and then remember what you are. You are a being of unlimited and unconditional LOVE – that’s what you are.

For thousands upon thousands of years humans have been taught to believe that they are something other than what they are. Therefore, more learning is not what’s needed. What’s needed at this point is acceptance and denial. First to deny the false self we’ve been taught we are, and then to accept our Selves as God created us

“You see the flesh or recognize the Spirit.”   …ACIM


It may seem as if I use the above quote too often, but there’s always a reason for my doing so. I’m using it here because I want to emphasize its importance. The word we need to pay attention to is the word recognize. You can see the flesh with the body’s eyes but you cannot see the Spirit.

When Jesus used this phrase he was pointing out  the most important choice we’ll ever make. For he went on to add: “On this one choice does all your world depend, for here have you established what you are, as flesh or Spirit in your own belief.”

When he used the word see he meant it to mean more than simply seeing the body with the physical eyes. He meant it a bit deeper than that. He meant that you will see the body and you can choose to believe that what you see is the whole of what you are. Even those that may have lost their physical sight will see the body with their other senses and their imaginations.

But when it came to the Spirit he used a very important word. He used the word recognize. We all know that to recognize someone or some thing means we had to have known them or it previously.

And now the question arises; how do we recognize the Spirit? I have no answer to that question, and I don’t believe anyone else does. It’s an individual and unique experience for each one to recognize the Spirit of LOVE they are. You were created by LOVE from LOVE as LOVE. That’s what you are, and that’s what you’ll always be. Whether you recognize It or not is your own choice.


“Don’t see yourself as a body of clay; See yourself as a mirror reflecting the divine beauty.”    …Rumi

I believe the word “see” as used in this Rumi quote portrays the same meaning as it did when Jesus used it: You see the flesh.

And what awesome advice it is as the great Persian poet Rumi lays it out plain. Don’t see yourself as a body of clay (flesh). See yourself as a mirror reflecting the divine beauty (Spirit). Oh, I just love the poetical way in which Rumi expressed this beautiful truth.

I stated earlier that there’s no other life than a spiritual one. But this in no way is an attempt to say that everyone is living life the same way. Even though more and more people are beginning to understand that they may be more, many millions still see themselves as bodies of clay, and nothing else; by doing so they live their lives based in fear. Fear-based lives are lives of negativity and misery. Even though, as mentioned earlier, they share Life with God, they’re not aware of it and therefore, they live in the illusion of separation.

Bring Love Wherever You Go


In the image quote above the Irish activist, Mary Davis, tells us to bring love wherever we go. There’s an old truism that says you can’t give what you don’t have. I don’t think anyone would dispute the truth of it. For everyone knows it to be true; if you don’t have something you can’t give it, nor can you bring it.

She didn’t seem to be specifying any particular group or individuals. She seemed to be speaking to everyone. Could it be that she was assuming that everyone has LOVE that they can bring? I think it was more than an assumption. I believe it was an awareness that beneath all the negativity we’ve been taught to harbor within our separated minds, LOVE waits patiently within our hearts to be recognized and shared.

Once LOVE is recognized and shared then the rest of her recommendations are automatically fulfilled. Darkness cannot exist in the presence of LOVE and blessings and kindness are LOVE’S natural effects. 

“God wills you perfect happiness now.”   …ACIM

08-18-19-Thomas Merton

Thomas Merton

The American Trappist monk, Thomas Merton, recognized the truth about Life. In the image quote above, among other things, he said: Love is the reason for my existence. Love is my true identity. 

My opening quote from ACOL states that we cannot accept part of one reality and part of another. In other words, it will always be an impossibility to recognize what we truly are as long as we believe and accept we are something else.

You cannot recognize that the only purpose of life, and God’s Will for you, is happiness and joy as long as you accept unhappiness and joylessness as your lot. Even God’s Will for you cannot reach fruition if you’re not ready to accept it wholly. It’s not that difficult to recognize that you cannot be happy and joyful and sad and miserable at the same time. – It’s impossible.                                                                                                                “…You cannot depend on anything in the world for your happiness or your peace. It’s a false premise.”    …Robert Adams

The American teacher of Nondualism, Robert Adams, recognized that the world you see outside of yourself is an illusion and therefore, cannot be depended on. As he said,  it’s a false premise.

Have you not noticed that any desire you may have had, no matter what it is, once it had been attained didn’t provide any more than a very short interlude of satisfaction? It doesn’t matter how hard we try there’s no permanent happiness or peace to be found in the world, for everything in it is temporary, and that includes any perceived happiness or peace.

I’m going to close this post with a quote from A Course in Miracles:Whatever is true and real is eternal and cannot change or be changed. The Soul is therefore unalterable because it is already perfect, but the mind can elect the level it chooses to serve. The only limit which is put on its choice is that it cannot serve two masters.”



“Identify with love, and you are safe. Identify with love, and you are home. Identify with love, and find your Self.”   …ACIM






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