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“Know that ever about you stands the reality of love, and each moment you have the power to transform your world by what you have learned.”   …Richard Bach

Richard Bach has always been one of my most memorable authors, for he has the ability to write profoundly and deeply, but yet keep it simple. The above quote by him takes on a somewhat more simplified tone if we add this one by him:  Learning is finding out what you already know.

In the above quote he tells us to, “know” that ever about you stands the reality of love. Those are pretty simple words which can be skipped over with a flick of the head, and forgotten immediately. This can be done, and usually is, because not many people will actually get the truth of them. They can be compared to a search light skimming across a swamp at night and showing us nothing but a layer of fog holding tight to the water’s surface. 

The fog prevents the light’s rays from penetrating into the reality of what we’re looking at. All we’re able to see with the body’s eyes is an eerie glow of reflected light. It’s the same with Bach’s words. Our inability to accept the truth that the reality of LOVE, the only reality there ever was or ever will be, is ever about us causes our vision to be reflected by the fog of illusion. The LOVE is always there. It always has been and always will be even though we don’t see it. 

“When you understand at last that you really are One with God, imagine the power that you would experience”   …Neale Donald Walsch

It’s the same power that Richard Bach implied  we have access to once we’re aware the reality of LOVE is all around us, the power to transform our world. Whether we call it GOD or LOVE matters not, it’s the same power, and we are, as Neale Donald Walsh tells us, One with It.


As the American spiritual teacher and author known as Adyashanti pointed out in the image on the left, there’s nothing or anyone outside of you.  

For this reason Walsch’s quote is a bit more to the point of what is than Bach’s. I say this because Bach tells us the truth, but it overlooks the most important aspect of all. Walsch adds that which Bach left out, which is, you really are One with God. 

The reality of LOVE is all around you as Bach says, but the main point is, it’s there because it’s what you are. At the heart of your being you are nothing but pure unadulterated LOVE.

“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.”   …Oscar Wilde

How dreary and devoid of beauty would a garden be if the sun didn’t shine on it and the flowers were dead? If you can picture such a garden in your imagination you’ll realize what life is without LOVE – dark, dreary and devoid of any beauty. 


From Neale Donald Walsch

But the thing is, not one of us could ever be without LOVE in our heart, for as The Course says, you are only LOVE. But even though LOVE is the truth of our reality we don’t believe it.

We believe the ego when it teaches us that we’re something other than we really are. How silly is that; to believe we’re something other than we are?

Mr. Wilde urges us to keep LOVE in our hearts. He doesn’t say anything about searching for it or trying to find it in the outside world. That’s because the poets understand where LOVE resides. They may not be fully aware of what LOVE is, but they know it’s the Source of their inspiration, and they’re aware of where its dwelling place is. 

“Fear not to look upon the lovely truth in you.”   …ACIM

Why do we fear to look upon the truth in us; and what is this truth we’re afraid to look upon? The answer to both of these questions is, we see ourselves as egos, and we’re governed by that which we believe we are. The ego knows that any move toward truth is a move toward its own demise. It knows that the lovely truth is none other than LOVE itself. 


The ego is a miscreation of the creative Power of God, for we as children of God are part of God and as such, we are endowed with the power of God. This power was given us at our creation and it can never be lost to us. It will be with us throughout eternity.

But as long as we see ourselves as separate from God we see ourselves devoid of power and wrapped up in fear. Therefore, we cannot consciously use our power to create. We only use it by default and miscreate from fear, which we’re doing on a continuous basis. 

We have taken the pure unadulterated power of LOVE and by our belief in separation from our creator we have turned it into the miscreative power of fear. But it still remains a mighty power with the ability to cause the children of God to believe they’re something other than they really are. It causes them to believe illusions are real, and therefore, they experience sickness, suffering, loneliness, death, and all the other negative conditions we see in the world. 

When Redemptive LOVE Blossoms Within You 

This quote by Adyashanti is part of the one shown in the image above. The LOVE he’s talking about is already within you, it simply cannot not be, for it’s what you are. And it doesn’t need to blossom because it’s already complete. LOVE isn’t composed of degrees of more or less, it’s always itself and it’s always maximum. 

The only way it can be said to blossom is for us to let go of our fears and look within. By doing so we’ll become aware of LOVE’S presence within our hearts and allow it to blossom into the lovely truth of what we really are. And then by sharing it we’ll allow it to express itself through us. As we begin to share LOVE with the world everything will suddenly be made right as the beauty of true existence begins to shine forth. 

As we share LOVE  here, there and everywhere in the world, the ego with all it’s fears and illusions will dissipate allowing abundance, happiness, joy and beauty to take its place. For nothing else but these types of attributes can exist in the presence of LOVE. 

I’m going to close this post with a quote from A Course in Miracles: “Love will enter immediately into any mind which truly wants it, but it must want it truly.” 



“Identify with love, and you are safe. Identify with love, and you are home. Identify with love, and find your Self.”   …ACIM





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  1. Thank you for sharing your loving wisdom. ❤
    God bless you too ❤

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  2. Love this great post ! Thankyou for sharing your loving wisdom.

    God bless you.

    Apr.29th 2019


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