What is Wrong with Me?


“It is time to realize that you are a creator.”   …ACOL

Except for the opening quote above which is taken from A Course of Love, all the header quotes in this post are from that great spiritual teacher of nondualism, Robert Adams. I’m a fan of this teaching because it teaches that the ego is an illusion, and therefore, doesn’t exist in reality. It also teaches that this truth can be realized without the need for practice. 

This world is a place where the realization mentioned in the above quote is slow to take up residence in our awareness. How many of us really and truly believe we are creators? That question is easy to answer, especially for yourself. When something goes wrong in your life do you ever think you may have caused it yourself; or do you look for someone or something else upon which to place the blame?

And when something goes right in your life the same question arises. Do you credit yourself or do you look for someone or something else upon which to lavish all the honor and credit?

I’m not trying to tell you that you shouldn’t give credit where credit is due. All I’m saying is that you should lavish upon yourself as much honor and credit as you, deep down, know belongs to you. For whether it’s a good or a bad happening there’s no escaping the fact that you are responsible for it, even though others may have influenced you. 

In my last post I wrote a paragraph that I feel needs  a bit of explanation. I wrote: Thinking is the language of the ego, and the cause of all fears and problems. The old teaching is to change your thoughts and by doing so you will change your life. It’s a way of changing your mind to dwell upon the positive, and it works to a certain degree. It does so by making  the physical experience better, but it can never do away with the fears that constantly nag at a mind that believes in its own separation.

04-12-Harold Becker

It doesn’t require a lot of explaining except to add, as Mr. Becker did in the image on the left, thinking, even positive thinking,  by itself will not do it. Thoughts need to be in junction with feelings. Not only do thoughts need to be in junction with feelings, but they need to allow feelings to be their guide.

But in most instances the opposite is true. We allow our thoughts to get way out in front and derive our feelings from them as they lead us through this physical experience we so readily call, life.  By doing so we allow our thoughts to become, as I wrote in my last-post paragraph above, the cause of all fears and problems. The Course agrees with this when it points out: “It is your thoughts alone that cause you pain.”

“Do not allow your thoughts to become greater than you. No matter what your thoughts tell you, don’t listen. Remember your thoughts are not your friend.”   …Robert Adams

As I also wrote in my last-post quote above: Thinking is the language of the ego. And the ego, as the great spiritual Teacher Robert Adams implied, is not your friend. This does not mean that we should attempt to cease from thinking. To even suggest such a thing would be foolhardy. We are thinking beings, and everything we see around us is a reflection of our thoughts.

So if we shouldn’t, as Adams suggested, listen to our thoughts, then to whom or to what should we listen? There’s just one teacher in the entire universe to whom anyone should listen, and that is the Self. I’m not talking about the little physical self that most of us think we are. I’m talking about the Self, God’s creation, that which He made part of Him, a Co-Creator of everything in every universe that exists. I’m talking about LOVE which can only be accessed through the heart, not the mind. 


“When you rest your mind in your heart, you feel a joy and a bliss that overwhelms you, and you will Know.”    …Robert Adams 

The element that’s lacking in the human experience is unity and it’s this lack which creates all the problems we experience. Most of us live in our minds among our thoughts, and therefore, we’re either focused in the past, or in the future.

Lao Tzu, the  ancient founder of philosophical Taoism and the author of the Tao-Te-Ching, is credited with the following quote: “If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present.” 

The present is the only time there is, and the only place where joy, bliss or peace can be found. The present is a very elusive time which those who live in the mind only – in separation – cannot ever be aware of. Awareness of the present comes by forming a relationship between the mind and the heart. And then doing as Robert Adams advised, resting the mind in the heart. 

When we form a relationship and unify the mind and heart we become aware of LOVE; we become aware of the Self. That’s why we feel joy and bliss and are at peace. When we become aware of our true Self learning ceases, because, as Adams says, you will know. 

“Problems only arise when you believe you are separate and lacking love.”   …Robert Adams

Most people believe the physical brain and the mind are synonymous. therefore they adhere to the erroneous believe that the brain can think. But as Jesus points out in the Course this is not the case, as seen in the following quote: “You also believe the body’s brain can think. If you but understood the nature of thought, you could but laugh at this insane idea.” 

All thoughts originate in one of two non-physical realms. Those that are the cause of all our problems originate in the mind, in the realm of the ego. The ego is none other than that part of the Self that believes it has separated itself from God. And because it believes itself to be separate and alone against the universe it is filled with fear. Because of this imagined separation all thoughts that originate within it have no foundation other than fear and are therefore, nothing but illusions. The only reality they have is that which we give them by listening to them and then believing what they tell us. 

“But, the Heart is a center of stillness, of quietness, of Absolute Peace.”   …Robert Adams

As you are already aware, the heart mentioned here is not that physical pump located in your chest. This Heart  is the very essence of your reality, the center of your being, the HEART of who you are, the center of LOVE. This is where all loving thoughts originate. Thoughts that originate here have absolutely nothing to do with the mind, for the mind is the dwelling place of the ego with all its negative and false thoughts. 

The title of this post asks; what is wrong with me? Often when negative occurrences happen quite regularly in our lives we’re prompted to throw up our arms and very sternly ask the universe, what is wrong with me?

The simple answer is, nothing, with one exception. There’s nothing wrong with me, there’s nothing wrong with you, there’s nothing wrong with him, her or any other person, except this: Our refusal to accept what we are. 

As my opening quote informs us, it’s time to accept the truth about ourselves. It’s time to accept ourselves as part of God, which means we are creators. We are endowed with the power to create, and by listening to the lies of the ego we continue to miscreate problems for ourselves. That’s why we need to do as Robert Adams pointed out above and rest our minds in our hearts. For the ego and its negativity cannot survive in the presence of LOVE. 



“Identify with love, and you are safe. Identify with love, and you are home. Identify with love, and find your Self.”   …ACIM





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