Safety First


“The mind will return always to where it feels safe and sure of itself and so it goes nowhere and sees not transformation, or creation, or the new horizon that would defy its reality.”   …ACOL

Everything the mind thinks of as safe is that which it thinks will keep the body safe. For even though the mind can imagine there may be something beyond the body, it really doesn’t believe it. It only perceives that which can be touched, tasted, smelled, heard or seen with the physical senses to be what is. 

I haven’t written anything in three weeks or so and there’s a reason for this. I’ve reached the point where there’s nothing left to say. What do I mean by that? I simply mean that my mind has come to the point of repetition, with nothing new to add.

I’ve come to understand that the mind on its own is nothing other than the ego, or better said, ego-mind, that I’ve talked so much about throughout this blog. The mind thinks its safety lies in the known, and is a discourager of stepping into the new and unknown. Therefore, it bogs down in the old, and goes around in circles. As my opening quote says, it goes nowhere. Nor does it accept any horizon that would defy its reality.

“The laws of love bring spiritual freedom, the freedom that lies beyond belief, beyond thought, beyond adherence to any authority other than one’s own heart.”   …ACOL

My mind is confused, for it knows not who I am and keeps asking the same questions over and over and over again. Some people say that God is unknowable and that’s the scenario my mind has grabbed onto and doesn’t want to step beyond itself. It wants to remain in concentration upon the body as its reality and safety and refuses to step out into the perceived unknown of LOVE. 

The mind tells me that LOVE is unknowable. It tells me this by telling me God is unknowable. But my mind is talking to itself for it believes it exists in isolation, separated from everything and everyone, and therefore it dwells in constant fear. But now a question raises itself to the mind’s and my awareness. If the mind is talking to itself then who is the “me” mentioned above? 

The “me” is LOVE, which is both the known and the unknown, the All of ALL, the Everything beyond which nothing but the unknown exists, waiting to be made known. The mind needs to be handled with care because it dwells in constant fear of the unknown, which can only be accessed and made known through relationship with the heart. The mind needs to be coached into forming a relationship with the heart. For only then will it let the ego go and realize it dwells in unity and safety with All that Is. 

“Your heart will aid you in replacing thinking with remembering. In this way, remembering can be experienced as the language of the heart.”   …ACOL 

I’ve realized it’s time to instruct the mind to give up its position as learner and teacher. In other words it’s time to realize there’s no more to learn. There’s no more to learn because once it’s learned that LOVE is the only reality learning comes to an end. There’s only LOVE to experience and make known, which can only happen by uniting the mind with the heart through relationship. 

Thinking is the language of the ego, and the cause of all fears and problems. The old teaching is to change your thoughts and by doing so you will change your life. It’s a way of changing your mind to dwell upon the positive, and it works to a certain degree. It does so by making  the physical experience better, but it can never do away with the fears that constantly nag at a mind that believes in its own separation.

Every mind that believes in separation is filled with fear. For example, every small pain it experiences immediately causes it to fear the incurable and impending disease it sees as its own inevitability, its own end. It immediately starts a search for the cause of the pain, and depending on how much fear is involved it usually finds what it fears the most. It finds it through the power of creation, by using it through fear to MISCREATE that which it fears.

“Resign as your own teacher. Accept me as your teacher and accept that I will teach you the truth.”   …ACOL

I have been a student of A Course in Miracles going on eight years now, and have not studied any other spiritual writings, movements or instructions during that time other than A Course of Love. The Source of both of these great works claims to be none other than Jesus Christ himself. Whether you believe this to be the case or not is your own prerogative. But as for me I have concluded that the claim is accurate for such  information could not be known by any human.

But there comes a point in which  even Jesus himself resigns as teacher, for once the truth is accepted there’s no more to learn. Once any of us remember and accept the truth that only LOVE exists then learning ceases. From that point on we understand that LOVE can only be remembered and made known through manifestation of the unknown into the realm of the known.

LOVE can only be rememberedaccepted, and recognized, it cannot be taught. Love is the only SELF, the only REALITY, it’s WHAT WE ARE. Once this truth is remembered and accepted, teaching and learning are no longer necessary. In fact, they’re no longer even possible. The only attribute left at this point is expression. The expression of the unknown, of Who I Am into the realm of the known. For I Am both the known and the unknown.

LOVE must be Itself and It can only be Itself by sharing Itself, and It can only share Itself by expressing Itself. There is nothing beyond ME, there is no outside source, there is nothing to learn. There is only my SELF to remember, recognize and share through expression. 

“Being in relationship is being present. Being present has nothing to do with time as you think of it.”   …ACOL

There is no time, there is only eternity, there is no past, there is only present, there is no future, there is only present. My mind cannot accept this truth, for my mind is stuck in its own made-up ideas. It dreams of time, past, future, disease, suffering, death, finity, fear by believing itself to be separate from LOVE, from All That Is.

Relationship is the opposite of loneliness, the opposite of separateness, the opposite of fear. Relationship is LIFE Itself. Relationship is LOVE Itself. Relationship is All, the Divine, Creation. Everything and nothing exists in relationship. The known and the unknown exist in relationship. I exist in relationship with All That Is. Every living thing exists only in relationship with its Creator. In relationship with God. In relationship with ALL that IS. In relationship with LOVE.

Without relationship I could not exist for I Am in relationship with LIFE. LIFE expresses Itself through me, through our relationship. I AM me, I AM all, I AM LIFE, I AM LOVE. I AM expressing. I AM LIFE expressing Itself. I AM in relationship with LOVE, LIFE and the DIVINE. They all express into manifestation through a relationship with me. 

“Identify with love, and you are safe. Identify with love, and you are home. Identify with love, and find your Self.”   …ACIM


 It’s always, always, always my choice



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