“You have chosen a sleep in which you have had bad dreams, but the sleep is not real, and God calls you to awake”   …ACIM

This world is tired, most of the human race is tired, and it’s not difficult to understand why. If we could only imagine the amount of energy we have spent over eons of time to maintain the illusion that we are something other than what we are, it would be very easy to understand why we’re tired. 

As the above quote says, we have chosen a sleep which is not even real and God Himself calls us to awake, and yet we remain asleep. Can you even begin to imagine how difficult a feat that is, and how much energy is required to maintain such a condition? Think about it for a moment. We’ve spent eons of time resisting a call from God Himself to awaken from a condition that’s not even real.  Why wouldn’t we be tired? 

The tiredness I’m talking about here is not the tiredness of the body you feel after a hard day’s work that a night’s rest will alleviate. I’m talking about the type of exhaustion that comes  from continuous disappointment. The type that comes from trying to do the impossible. From searching for that which we’ll never find until we do awaken, which is lasting happiness, joy and contentment. These attributes will never be found in dreams where we continuously search in an outside illusionary world.


 Nothing Needs to be Found 

Stop searching. Save your energy. There’s nothing to be found, for nothing is lost. When God created you He made you part of Him. So I ask you; what could you be lacking; what would you need to search for?

The answer is, nothing. You already have everything. Everything in the universe is part of you and you are part of everything. God is in everything you see, therefore so are you. The only need you have is to heed God’s call to awake. 

You cannot awaken to your true Self through the intellect, for your mind will resist you at every attempt you make. Your true Self can only be known through union of your mind with the heart. God calls to you through your heart not through your mind. Your mind only knows what it has learned from this illusion we refer to as the world. Therefore in truth it knows nothing. But your heart knows everything, and will reveal to you whatever it is you’re ready to accept.

“If you cannot claim at least a small amount of love for your own Self, then neither can you claim your power, for they go hand-in-hand.”   …ACOL

We have been told throughout history by every spiritual teacher that has ever graced this planet that we must love ourselves before we can love others. But not many of us have actually taken their advice and learned to love ourselves. And there’s a very simple explanation for this. 

The reason is, we have forgotten who we are and we find it impossible to love the images we have made of ourselves. A Child of God cannot truly love an image, which is nothing more than an illusion. Your awakening will begin as you begin to listen to your heart, for your heart is the doorway to love and therefore to your true Self.

You cannot “think” your way to love, therefore you cannot become aware of your true Self through the mind. You can only “feel” your way to love through the heart, the very center of what you are in truth. All real power – every bit of it – is found in love.

I understand how repetitive it sounds to keep saying, when God created you He made you part of Him. But often repetition is necessary in order for any of us to remember something. 

As part of God your power is unlimited, but you will not know this until you know your Self. And you will not know your Self until you know love, for as the above quote implies, they go hand-in-hand. Your true Self, love, and power are one and the same thing, they cannot be separated, for they exist in unity.

03-12-Life Accepting Your Self

Because God made you part of Him doesn’t mean you are more special than any other Soul He created.

In this world we see everything and everyone as separate. We see some as being of a higher status than others. Some as richer and therefore more important than others. Some as more deserving of our love than others. On and on it goes, the list is nearly unlimited. 

Does it not stand to reason that if God created you as part of Him, He also created others as part of Him? And does reason not tell you that He would not create a part of Himself as more important or more special than any other part? 

Even though this blog seems to adhere to the idea that there is the Self that God created and the ego-self that you made it also promotes the truth that you are and always will be as God created you. In other words, you are not two selves. There’s no need to search for another self.

To begin the awakening process you simply need to start accepting yourself as you are. Not as you were, not as you’re going to be, not as you think your are, or were, or will be, but as you are now.

This means you must begin to accept the truth that you are perfect love. Any attribute other than those that are part of love that you may see in yourself is an illusion. And illusions are no more than the bad dreams we’ve had while we’ve been in this sleep, which is, as my opening quote says, not real.

03-14-Neale Donald Walsch

Your Ideal State

Most of us hold an image in our minds of what we consider to be our ideal state. It may be an idea based on the achievements of a spiritual teacher, a famous philosopher, a wealthy business tycoon, or some other person of status.

Whatever it may be we consider to be an ideal state is what we form an image of and believe we must strive to achieve. If we could only achieve this state, we tell ourselves, we would be on our way to becoming what we’re meant to be. 

But the question is, if you’re striving to be like someone else how can you be yourself? That’s the main problem with humanity, the cause of all our troubles. We believe we’re something other than that which we are, which is part of God, and believe this something other is not good enough, so we’re always striving to be something else. 

You’re ideal state is not some image you hold in your mind that you believe you should be. You’re already in your ideal state, for you are as God created you, and nothing could be more ideal than that. To heed God’s call to awake requires your acceptance of your Self as He created you and nothing more – but it also requires nothing less. 

I’m going to close this post with a quote from A Course of Love: “If you can’t remove yourself from life, what choice have you but to join with it? Love it. Love yourself. Love yourself enough to accept yourself. Love will transform normal, ordinary, life into extraordinary life”


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