Presenting yourself


“I’m not playing a role. I’m being myself, whatever the hell that is.” …Beatrice Arthur

Every once in a while I feel prompted to insert the following in a post: My posts are not meant to sway, convince, persuade or teach anyone but myself. They’re simply my own perspectives – my own thoughts — expressed in the best way I know how. The motivation to do so again here came from Beatrice Arthur’s words in the above quote, “I’m not playing a role. I’m being myself…

I’m prompted to ask, how could she not be herself even though she felt inclined to add whatever the hell that is? The answer is, she couldn’t. There’s simply no way anyone can be anything other than what they are. Most of us have, as she seemed to have done, forgotten what we are but that doesn’t change the truth that we’ll always be what we are. 

“The only thing that can be surely known by any living thing is what it is.”   …ACIM 

How could any living thing not know what it is? Yet the one question that everyone in this world at one time or another asks is; What am I? When this question is asked to whom is it directed? Who is doing the asking? And from whom could the answer come? And has anyone ever received an answer? 

That last question is the only one that really needs to be answered, and the answer is, no they haven’t and what’s more they never will. No one will ever receive an answer from an outside source to the question, what am I,  because only the ego, which is an illusion, would need ask it. And when it asks it asks itself and any answer it may receive is no more than another illusion. 


Presenting yourself

I don’t think Shakespeare was too far off when he wrote, “All the world’s a stage. and all the men and women merely players.” I understand that he was referring to what he perceived as the seven stages of this physical experience we call life.

Even so, his words ring true for almost every human as they present some of that which they believe themselves to be for the world to see. I say “some” because most of what we believe ourselves to be we keep hidden. We don’t believe it’s good enough to be seen by the world so we disguise it before we allow the world to see it. 

Therefore, that which you present to the world for all to see is a dressed up representation of what you believe you are. And as this representation is revealed to the world it teaches others and yourself what it is you believe about yourself and life in general. It can be no other way, because as the Course says: “You are always teaching.”


The Body is an Image of the Belief in Separation 

Your belief in separation is what has made the body possible. And whatever you believe about your reality is presented to the world through this image for all to see. 

We humans are dedicated to belief in the impossible. We believe such things as that which God created and made part of Himself can suffer. It’s the same as believing God Himself can suffer.  

And many present the idea of this belief to the world for all to see through images of sick and frail bodies. The more this idea is shared with the world the stronger it becomes, and the more vulnerable to sickness and frailty the presenter becomes. Everything in this so-called life is a choice and that my dear friends includes sickness.

A Course in Miracles tells us that, sickness is a defense against the truth. It’s the ego’s way of convincing you that you are not a created Spirit but a temporary physical being housed in a house made of dust. 

This Need Not Be 

As the quote in the above image implies, in this so-called life we have learned wrongly. But it’s completely within our power to change this learning and present a different image to the world for all to see. 

It requires dedication to turning the mind inward to the heart and committing to a new belief and not letting anything sway you from it. That belief being that you were created by Love from Love and for Love. The idea is not to simply pay lip service to these words, but to allow them to enter into your heart and to dwell upon them until they become your prominent belief. 

Your beliefs determine how you’re going to perceive your reality, and in turn what sort of an image you’ll present to the world for all to see. Why would anyone allow negative thoughts to rule their life when they’re almost certainly aware that they’ll experience the effects of that which they focus upon?  

The answer is, they do so because they believe they’re guilty of attacking their Creator during separation and therefore deserving of punishment — IT IS NOT SO! 

The Fork in the Road  

In this so-called life we believe we’re living, we are at every moment faced with a fork in the road, so to speak. One branch is the way of Love (Oneness) the other is the way of fear (separateness) and it’s completely our choice which one we’re going to take.

But taking one or the other is not a choice, for one we must take. The only choice available to us is, which one. Most have already chosen the way of fear. You simply have to glance around the world you have made by your choice to know which choice you have made. 

You are endowed with the power to choose the way of Love at any moment and help create a new world where fear cannot enter. A world of unity where only Love exists Upon this choice depends so much more than you can even comprehend at the moment.  

A New World

When we think of a new world there are different scenarios that pop into our minds. Historical explorers are said to have reached that which was then, and in certain contexts still is, called the new world. But it doesn’t take much contemplation to realize just how silly that title is. The lands they presumably “discovered” were new in their egotistical minds only. They were part of the same world and were well inhabited long before these so-called “new world” explorers arrived. 

The Christian Bible speaks of “a new heaven and a new earth,” which many have taken literally and believe this Earth will be burned up to make room for a new one. I’m not one of them and this is not meant to judge their beliefs. I’m simply working toward the point of explaining what a “New World” means as I see it in the context of this post. 


“Perception selects and makes the world you see. It literally picks it out as the mind directs.”    …ACIM

It matters not whether you believe this or don’t believe it. The truth depends not on belief, for the truth is true and nothing else is true.

Therefore the truth is, every one of us either makes or creates the world we see. If it’s done through fear then it’s made and is temporary. For only Love creates. If it’s done through love then it’s created and is eternal. 

As I mentioned in this post: Millions upon millions of people are striving to become aware of their true Self, and therefore recognize their own reality as that of LOVE.

The common goal, combined power and unity of these millions is that which will let the world of separation, misery and fear fade away and let a new world of unity, compassion and Love take its place.

Everyone of us has the option of taking part in this new world. It simply requires a willingness to let the ego go by choosing the way of Love instead of fear and presenting ourselves to the world as the beings of Love we really are.   

I’m going to close this post with a quote from the American actor and producer Kip Baldwin: “Pain and pleasure are elements of the illusion of duality, while happiness, joy, bliss, peace are immutable constants of LOVE, the absolute, the true self, reality.”   



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