Loving Yourself First


“You have so little faith in yourself because you are unwilling to accept the fact that perfect love is in you.”   …ACIM

I look at the subject I’ve chosen for this post and then I ask myself; why do you keep picking such difficult subjects? How can you write anything about a subject that hardly anyone understands? Do you, yourself, even understand what love is? Why, oh why, would you even venture into such territory, and then attempt to write about it? 

Then I sit back and ponder those questions for awhile, and I soon realize I’ve asked them long before I typed the first word on this post. I’ve not only asked them, but they’ve been fully answered. The answers lie in my state of mind at this juncture in this physical experience. I’ve always been in a state of wonder toward this physical experience that the majority of us are so eager to call, life. 

As I write certain words, wise sayings spring from my memory and insist on flowing through my fingers onto this screen. The one that’s demanding that access now, is this one from the great Mark Twain: “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” 

I have reflected on his advice many, many times, and find it so educational that I urge myself to adhere to it. Therefore, every time I think of this period of time from birth to death, as life, like the majority does, it seems as if I’m being disloyal to everything I’ve learned so far.


“Love is the only reality and it is not a mere sentiment. It is the ultimate truth that lies at the heart of creation.”   …Rabindranath Tagore

The above quote didn’t find its way onto this page from my memory, even though I’ve probably read it before. Every once in awhile I take a side trip from writing just to let some ideas flow. This time I went to my Facebook page, and one of the first posts I saw was this quote from the great Rabindranath Tagore.

In my way of thinking there’s nothing that fits into truth better than his observation. I’m truly in agreement with him on all of it. But I feel led to address the words it is not a mere sentiment. For I believe that’s how the majority thinks about love; they think of it as mere sentimentality.

But according to Tagore, it’s far more than that. It’s the ultimate truth that lies at the heart of creation. The Course agrees with this completely. For example it says: “You were created by Love like Itself.”


“When God created you, He made you part of Him.”

The words God and Love are used interchangeably in the Course. That’s because they refer to the same Reality. I’m taking a chance on becoming a bit repetitive here, but I must point out that which I believe to be true: God is Love – Love is God.

There isn’t now, there never was, nor will there ever be, anything else in the realms of existence. Anything other than Love that seems to exist is pure illusion, and it’s this illusion upon which this whole world is based.

What God created He created through Love, from Love, for Love and by Love. And as the above quote says, He made you part of Him. Love is what He is, and therefore, that’s what you are. There can never be anything but what God created in existence, and He created only Love.

“In your heart, the Heart of God is laid. He holds you dear because you are Himself.”   …ACIM

Anything you try to hold onto that’s not a reflection of Love will eventually slip from your grasp. Only that which can be placed in the heart will stay with you throughout eternity and the heart cannot accept anything that’s not sourced from Love. It cannot do so because, as the above quote tells us: In your heart, the Heart of God is laid.

The “heart” being referenced here is not that physical pump that keeps beating its steady “thump thump” in your chest. This one is the very center of your own being, which is the only thing in existence that can hold the Heart of God. As the great Persian poet, Rumi, pointed out in the above image quote, the universe is not outside of you.For where else could the universe be except within the Heart of God?

“The problem that bothers you most is the fundamental question which man continually asks of himself, but which cannot properly be directed to himself at all. He keeps asking himself what he is.”   …ACIM

There’s not one of us in this world who doesn’t know who or what we are.  As Lao Tzu said, “At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.” The question that springs to my mind is; how could we not know who we are? 

The Course also tells us we know who we are when it says, “You see the flesh or recognize the Spirit.” To recognize anything means that you already know it, and something has jogged your memory into recognizing it. It also says: All knowledge must be yours, for in you is all knowledge.” If all knowledge is in us then there’s no way we could not know who, or what, we are.

“A concept of the self is made by you. It bears no likeness to yourself at all”   …ACIM

Even though deep within our being we already know what we are, we have denied our true reality. And in its place we have, as the above quote tells us, made a concept of ourselves that bears no likeness to that which we really are. This false concept of ourselves is the ego. And it’s to the ego we keep directing the question; what am I? It will never answer with anything other than falsities and confusion because that’s all it knows.

We are pure and perfect Love. That’s what we are, because that’s what our Creator is, and what He is, is what we are. We don’t want to accept it, we don’t want to believe it, and we deny it because we’re afraid of our own reality – we’re afraid of Love.


“Follow your bliss. Find where it is, and don’t be afraid to follow it.”   …Joseph Campbell

Here we have the most powerful, useful and simple advice ever given: Follow your bliss. For the only purpose life has, is to find and then experience bliss. Campbell says. find where it is, and don’t be afraid to follow it.

But the thing is, you’ll never find true and lasting bliss (joy, happiness) anywhere outside yourself, for this world has nothing to offer, except that which is fleeting and disappointing. If you can accept this truth you’ll save yourself years and years of searching and constant disappointment.

If we’re ever going to become aware of what our Creator created us to be, then we must find the Love that’s within ourselves. For within ourselves lies all the Love, Peace. Joy, abundance, beauty and every other good and wonderful attribute of God’s creation.

01-24-love 2

We do this by looking beyond all the negative and fearful thoughts that originate in the ego’s thought system. As we decide to – as much as we can – allow only loving and joyful thoughts into our minds negativity and fear have to leave. For they cannot exist in the presence of Love and joy.

“You have no idea of the tremendous release and deep peace that comes from meeting yourselves and your brothers totally without judgment.”   …ACIM

Those that love can’t judge, because true love knows nothing of judgement. When you perceive yourself or another as a body you have judged God’s creation to be subject to pain, misery and death. But to look past the body to the light beyond is to look with eyes of forgiveness, which see only truth. When we learn to see ourselves without judgement we’ll recognize ourselves as God created us. We’ll recognize ourselves as pure and perfect Love.

I’m going to close this post with a quote from A Course in Miracles: “Only forgiveness can relieve the mind of thinking that the body is its home. Only forgiveness can restore the peace that God intended for His holy Son.”






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4 thoughts on “Loving Yourself First

  1. Mary Dora Theriault

    Beautiful lesson on love. Need to focus on all those attributes of God. Focusing is the key, as I know my flesh is weak and fear can overtake me in times of difficulty. Let us cling to love and reach inside for God’s guidance and strength. Thank you for your wisdom in sowing God’s truth in our hearts. ❤️

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  2. Beautifully expressed, sir. Basically, when you truly love someone, you are bound to give them the key that can either unlock the realms of your potential or could be a bullet into your heart. No matter what, simplicity is the most lovable tool that is powerful than the rest. Thanks for the well written post. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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