Save or Safe?

10-04-17-Safe or Save

“The question is always two-fold—first, what is to be saved, and second, how can it be saved?”   …A Course in Miracles

Millions upon millions of people spend much of their physical experiences waiting for the sky to split open with an ear-piercing sound and a saviour to descend. Others are waiting for a superman, a superwoman, a politician or something or someone to do the job. But I have what may seem like some terrible news for them; it’s not going to happen! No one is going to come and save anyone.

I know how awful that sounds, but as the Course tells us, and what is really, really obvious, is: “Nothing but the truth is true, and what is false is false.”The thing about being brutally abrupt and honest is, it shakes people up; it turns people off; it makes people angry, etc., etc.

Nevertheless, for those waiting for their saviour to appear from “out there” somewhere, from a political office or somewhere else, the sad news is, it’s not going to happen. Therefore, they’ll still be waiting at the time their physical experience comes to an end.

But that being said, this could be the most glorious news you’ve ever heard, or will ever hear.

10-06-Holy Spirit

“The Light in you is what the universe longs to behold.”  …ACIM

Those people who are waiting for a saviour to appear and save them are those who haven’t totally made the decision to recognize the Spirit.

They’re those who see only the flesh, or believe there’s a compromise that can be made between the two. Those who believe in compromise here are those who hold, as the Course puts it: “The curious belief that there is part of dying things that may go on apart from what will die.”

As Jesus points out in the Course: “The mind can elect the level it chooses to serve. The only limit which is put on its choice is that it cannot serve two masters.” No one can serve the god of death and the God of Life at the same time. There are millions upon millions who believe they can, and they’re the ones waiting for their saviour to appear.

10-08-Just Love

“My salvation comes from me”   …ACIM

In reality there is no need of salvation for anyone. No one needs to be saved because they’re already safe at home in Heaven. As the Course tells us: God has given you a place in His Mind which is yours forever.”

Even though, in reality, this is true, there is still a great need for salvation in this world of illusions. But it will never come from an outside source. As the Hindu Guru, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj points out in the image above, the real Saviour (Guru) is, “The innermost light, shining peacefully and timelessly in the heart.”

“It is not given me to change my Self”   …ACIM

God created you as part of Him, and it’s not within your realm of possibilities to change part of Him. Therefore, you cannot change the attributes He gave you upon your creation. He created you as an eternal Spirit and so will you remain forever and forever.

You don’t need to be saved, you simply need to allow yourself to awaken from a bad dream. As long as you see only this world of flesh, and don’t recognize the Spirit – the Life Force that’s in everything –  you’ll go on dreaming the impossible is possible. You’ll continue on with the belief that you can be separated from Life Itself and still exist.

You’ll keep believing that what God Himself created can be born into a world of separate flesh bodies, grow old and die. It’s the same as believing that God Himself could be a participant in it.

“My creation was apart from time and still remains beyond all change”   …ACIM

God did not create that which most of us believe about ourselves. Most of us see ourselves as these little separate bodies of flesh dwelling in a world that’s dependent on time. We celebrate the day we were born into it, and we fear the day we’ll leave it. But in truth there is no reason to celebrate birth into this world, for as the Course tells us: “There is no past nor future, and the idea of birth into a body has no meaning either once or many times.”

Nor is there any reason to fear leaving it. As the Course also tells us, “If death is real for anything, there is no life. Death denies life, but if there is reality in life, death is denied.” The reality is, none of us are in this world for this is a world of illusions and dreams. It cannot be repeated too often that God created us as part of Him. And a part of Him cannot separate itself from Him and be born into a world where death is accepted as a normal part of life. It would mean that a part of God Himself could fear, and then experience, death.

“Love‘s meaning is your own, and shared by God Himself. For what you are is what He is” …ACIM

Either the above statement is true or it’s false. There’s no compromise to be made here. We’re either a part of God as the above quote says, or we’re not, there’s no in between possible in this. If you’re a  flesh body waiting to die then you’re not now, you never were, nor will you ever be a part of God. On the other hand, if you’re part of God, then you’re not now, you never were, nor will you ever be a flesh body waiting to die.

You are a Thought of God, a holy extension of His Mind. That is what you truly are. And  Thoughts cannot leave the Mind that thinks them, therefore it’s impossible for you to ever leave God’s Mind. What you believe you are has absolutely no affect on this truth. Everything in this world including your body are thoughts projected outward from your own sleeping mind. They’re not extensions of your mind but projections.

“God extends outward beyond limits and beyond time, and you who are co-creators with Him extend His Kingdom forever and beyond limit”   …ACIM

You extend (co-create) when you think Loving and Positive Thoughts. For God is Love and all Loving Thoughts are part of Him. When you think fearful and negative thoughts the mind cannot tolerate them so it projects them outward, away from itself. And these projected thoughts which have no foundation and therefore, no reality, is what this physical world and everything in it, including your body, is formed from.

No projected thoughts have any connection to God whatsoever. Therefore, they have no foundation in reality, which is why they only last for a short time and then fade away in what the world calls decay, or in the case of bodies, death.

“Healing is the gift of those who are prepared to learn there is no world”   …ACIM

How many can even begin to accept an idea like that expressed in this quote? How many are ready to accept that there is no world? And why does it sound so preposterous when it’s expressed with the words, there is no world, instead of this world is an illusion? The Power of Reason would have to agree that if it’s an illusion then it doesn’t exist.

Without that which we call time there could be no physical world. This is not just some type of spiritual belief. During his work as a scientist Albert Einstein observed: The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.

Another great scientist, Max Planck, also made a great discovery during his scientific experiments:  “As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clearheaded science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about the atoms this much. There is no matter as such!” 

If this world is an illusion, then so are all the negative attributes it contains, including sickness. That’s why healing is the gift of those who are prepared to learn there is no world. 

I’m going to close this post with a quote from that great spiritual masterpiece, A Course in Miracles: “For healing is the opposite of all the world’s ideas which dwell on sickness and on separate states. Sickness is a retreat from others and a shutting off of joining. It becomes a door that closes on a separate self and keeps it isolated and alone.”


        I truly appreciate you visiting this blog.  Thank you.

Keep your thoughts positive. You’ll find that life is better that way.

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