Creators or Miscreators?


“To create is to love. Love extends outward simply because it cannot be contained. Being limitless, it does not stop. It creates forever, but not in time.”   …ACIM

How many of us actually believe we are creators; how many actually believe our thoughts contain the power to create? How many are aware that the Vehicle of all creation is Thought? I think the answer to all three questions is quite obvious. For if we actually believed – truly believed – our thoughts contained that much power we would be much more careful as to where we focus them most of the time.

The Course says, You were created by Love like Itself.” Think about that for a moment; what if it’s true? My opening quote points out that Love creates forever. Therefore, if Love created you like Itself, and Love creates; does that not make you a creator? I guess it all boils down to whether you accept these statements as true, or not. For if they’re true, then there’s no disputing the fact that you are a creator.

“Miracles are thoughts”   …ACIM

Wow! How powerful is the implication contained in those three words; how many of us are willing to accept the possibility of that information as being true? The thing is, it matters not whether we believe it or we don’t believe it. As the Course tells us: “Nothing but the truth is true, and what is false is false.” In other words, if it’s true it’s true and if it’s false it’s false, regardless of what we think or believe about it.

The Course continues with this: “Thoughts can represent lower-order or higher-order reality.” This blog has been persistent throughout its existence in the assertion that there are two, and only two, systems from which we derive our thoughts. And as the above quote tells us, our thoughts represent one of these systems or the other, but never both at the same time.

The distance between these two systems of thought is indescribable. They are completely and utterly opposites to one another. They’re so far apart that neither is even aware of the other’s existence. One is based in fear, and every thought that arises from it leads toward misery, old age, sickness and in the end, death. This is the thought system of the ego.

The other has its basis in LOVE, and every Thought that arises from It leads toward happiness, eternity and awakening to LIFE. This is God’s Thought System.

“The truth is that there are no ‘idle’ thoughts”   …ACIM

Which one of these two thought systems you allow to occupy your mind is entirely up to you. But you can rest assured of one thing; your mind is active all the time – not part of the time; not most of the time, not only when you’re awake, but all of the time. As the Course tells us: The mind is a very powerful creator, and it never loses its creative force. It never sleeps. Every instant it is creating and always as you will.”

The above notwithstanding, there’s a bit of clarification that’s needed at this point. Even though the mind is creating every instant, as the Course points out, creation cannot take place in a physical environment. This is made obviously plain in my opening quote when it tells us that love creates forever, but not in time. It seems I’ve run smack dab into a paradox here. For how can creation happen every instant, but not in time?

First of all let’s remember the fact that you are not two selves. You are not a physical being and a spiritual being; you are one or the other, but not both. And neither are LOVE and your MIND two separate attributes. As already mentioned above, “Love created you like Itself.” And as the Course points out, “Your mind is part of God’s.” And further about your mind it goes on to say, “This is the only part of you that has reality in truth. The rest is dreams.” 

“One makes the physical and the other creates the spiritual”

The above quote is talking about lower-order or higher-order thoughts. One makes the physical, the other creates the spiritual. Wow! Can your mind even comprehend this type of power; and can you even begin to accept the truth of it? I pray that you can for your salvation, and by association and extension your happiness, depends on it.

We need to differentiate between the words makes and creates and why Jesus uses both of them. As I mentioned earlier creation cannot happen in a physical environment. The reason for this is quite simple to grasp. Everything physical, no matter what it is, is destined to decay and come to an end – that’s the simple truth about physicality. In contrast to this, anything and everything that’s created is eternal. It will never come to an end.

This physical world, including everything in it was made, and is being made from lower-order ego thoughts. These thoughts cannot create because they arise from the ego’s thought system of fear, and fear is absolutely bereft of any creative power. Fear thoughts come from a mind that believes it has separated itself from God, and therefore from His Power of creation.

Even though your mind believes it has done the impossible and separated itself from God, it still contains the awesome power required to create. But, and this is a huge but, when it chooses fearful thoughts derived from the ego’s thought system, it chooses thoughts without foundation. For these thought are not from God, and can only make -or miscreate – a world of depression, fear, worry, old age, and sickness; a world which must end in death.

The other creates the spiritual

It takes much careful navigating to go between the waves of seemingly contradictions when writing about this subject. Let me point out an obvious example of what I’m talking about. We hear a lot nowadays about creating your own reality. My take on that is, only God can create reality. But this blog adheres to the teachings of that ultimate spiritual work, A Course in Miracles, which teaches adamantly that we are all part of God, and have the same creative Power He does. But yet it says, Creation cannot even be conceived of in the world. It has no meaning here.” Now my question to myself is, how do you reconcile that with the subject of this post?

The answer is: Actually it’s not difficult to do so in my own power of discernment, but it may not be so easy to make it plain on this page. But I’m going to go ahead and give it a try anyway, and hopefully it won’t require this post to be too long and boring. The Course plainly tells us that this world is not real. It says, you have put yourself to sleep and dreamed a dream in which you were an alien to yourself and but a part of someone else’s dream

And right there is the answer to it all. By utilizing the mighty power of your thoughts you can awaken to the realization of just who is doing the dreaming – it is you. You are the dreamer, and therefore you are not part of someone else’s dream. By this realization alone you take back your own Power to make your dream – this so-called life – as awesome and happy as you want it to be.

“Forgiveness represents your function here”   …ACIM

Once you accept the truth of who the dreamer is then you can proceed to accept your role in making your life experience into what you want it to be. You have a function available to you that will allow love to reveal itself and make the world meaningful, as the Course points out: “Without your special function has this world no meaning for you. Yet it can become a treasure house as rich and limitless as Heaven itself. This function is forgiveness. Forgive yourself for dreaming these fearful and foolish dreams. Forgive every living thing, and let love guide you.

I’m going to close this post with a quote from Lewis B. Smedes. He said, “To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.”


Thank you for visiting this blog – I truly appreciate it


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  1. Mary Dora Theriault

    Enjoyed your post. Lots of food for thought. Thanks for inspiring us with truth.

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