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“You have within you more love than you could ever understand.”   …Rumi

Oh how I love the poets! Rumi was, among other things, a poet who lived back in the thirteenth century. He had many specialties, but I think his legacy lives on mostly because of his poetry, and his wisdom-filled quotes. The above quote by him reinforces this because if we read it slowly, and ponder it a bit, it’s easy to see that it’s filled to overflowing with wisdom.

We hear a lot nowadays about attributes such as love, happiness, kindness, etc., and how they cannot be found outside of ourselves. They can only be found within; so what does within really mean?

Wow! Now I’ve placed a  burden upon myself by asking a question like that. I’m led to follow that up with another inquiry; how can I provide an answer to such a question? I think to myself, questions like that should be left for gurus, spiritual masters, and other such enlightened souls.


But then that quote I read so long ago by Richard Bach comes floating back into my awareness. He said, “you teach best what you most need to learn.”

And this line from The Course followed close behind: “As you teach, so will you learn… you must never forget that what you teach is teaching you.” 


“What comes out when life squeezes you? If anger, pain and fear come out of you, it’s because that’s what’s inside.”    …Dr Wayne Dyer

I pointed out in a previous post that when I write I’m writing to myself, because I have such a strong desire to learn that I feel as if I must write. In the above quote, Dr. Dyer  implies that when life squeezes us, whatever’s inside will come out. Therefore, I’ve made a decision to let the desire to learn squeeze me and learn from whatever comes out. I’m really hoping that none of the negative emotions he mentioned come out. Because if they do, then the forgiveness I’ve offered has been ineffective – which is impossible for true forgiveness.


Whatever emotions or feelings we have inside can only be stored in one of two places and that’s within the thought system we primarily utilize.

If we mostly derive our thoughts from the ego’s thought system of fear, then fearful and negative emotions will occupy our minds. And then, when life squeezes us, as it always does at one time or another, these negative emotions will be revealed – it can be no other way.

“For understanding is in you, and from it peace must come.”   …ACIM

On the other hand, if we primarily think thoughts from God’s Thought System of Love, feelings such as empathy, beauty, kindness, peace and joy will fill our minds, leaving no room for negativity and fear. Then when this so-called life squeezes us we’ll smile, forgive it and carry on in peace. That’s because forgiveness will be the first emotion to appear, and it always shows up wearing a smile of understanding. And, as the above quote confirms, from understanding peace must come.

Understanding will eventually bring with it the realization that, as the Course says, “There is nothing outside you. That is what you must ultimately learn, for it is in that realization that the Kingdom of Heaven is restored to you.” It would be impossible for the Kingdom of Heaven to be restored to you and you not be at peace.

When your understanding reaches its pinnacle you will conclude that the world you see, including the body you perceive as yourself, is all made up in your own mind and then projected outward. In simple terms it’s nothing more than a movie projected onto the screen of perception. You perceive it as you believe it to be from within yourself.

08-04-Light“We on this journey through Infinity… have always LOVE to act as our guiding light to home, to truth, to reality.”   …Kip Baldwin

It’s your mind that can reach throughout infinity, and nothing else can. As the Course informs us: “God has lit your minds Himself and keeps your minds lit by His light because His light is what your minds are.” God’s light is Love, therefore, our minds are Love, and nothing else but Love. And Love is the Light that, as Mr. Baldwin said in the above quote, guides us to home, to truth, to reality. 

Maya Angelou once observed that, “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”  Her observation could be nothing but truth, for how could anything dim a light that, as the Course says, God Himself has lit?  The Light which shines from within is a reflection of God Himself, it is the light of pure Love from which you were created.

In my opening quote Rumi pointed out: “You have within you more love than you could ever understand.” In order to understand the love which is in us, we would have to understand God. And understanding Him is not possible as long as we believe we’re separated entities living in a separated world.

08-04-UniverseEverything is within you

How many more eons of time will it take for us humans to understand that we are not these tiny bits of clay?

How long will it be before we understand that birth, old age, sickness and death are not part of what we are?

When will we understand that there is nothing beside Love in existence? Love equals life; life equals love – that’s it – there is nothing else. God is; you are; I am.

“There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe.”   …Wallace D. Wattles

The Course tells us that, understanding is in you. As I look and ponder the above quote I’m sure glad it is. For it will take all the understanding I can call upon to decipher this information.

Wallace Wattles wrote the above quote back in 1910. I read his book, about fifteen years ago, and for a few of those years I often wondered what he was describing? I don’t think he was writing from a spiritual perspective, because his whole emphasis was on attracting physical riches. The title of his book is, “The Science of Getting Rich.” Even so, he touched upon a spiritual truth, which is: It’s our thoughts alone that decide our experiences in this physical world.

He was describing the same energy Max Planck referred to when he said:  “All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force. . . . We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind.” 


We are perfect expressions of perfect Love, here and now.”   …Richard Bach

By mentioning Wallace Wattles’ observation it may seem as if I’m straying a bit from the theme of this post. But that’s not actually the case.

I think Wattles revealed one of the most important ideas ever discovered to his readers. But he did so trying to utilize two opposed thought systems. I believe this because he referred to it as a thinking stuff. Max Planck revealed the very same idea, but in a much more spiritual minded way. He utilized just one Thought System, and referred to it in the proper manner as a conscious and intelligent Mind.

Without thought there is nothing anywhere, whether it be without or within. Everything in this universe, or any other universe, is thought. You are, whether you believe it or not, a Thought in your Creator’s Mind. That’s what you are.

In the above quote Richard Bach – one of my favorite authors – repeats this truth, but in a more poetical manner: We are perfect expressions of perfect Love, here and now. This truth should not need repeating, but sadly it does because not one of us actually believe it yet.

We need to change the story we’ve been telling ourselves. We need to repeat his words until we accept them into our most holy Minds. We need to convince ourselves that we actually are perfect expressions of perfect Love, here and now.

Everything is within because everything is in our thoughts. Thoughts create, or make, every idea we hold about ourselves. And as the Course tells us: “Ideas leave not their source.” You have within you – within your thoughts – the Power of Love – the Power of God. In your thoughts lies the Power to change sickness into health; depression into happiness; pain into joy; hate into Love.

I’m going to end this post with a reminder from the Course. It should be committed to memory and repeated often to yourself, for it’s what you are: “The Thought God holds of you is like a star, unchangeable in an eternal sky. So high in Heaven is it set that those outside of Heaven know not it is there. Yet still and white and lovely will it shine through all eternityThere was no time it was not there; no instant when its light grew dimmer or less perfect ever was.” 


Thanks for visiting this blog – May God Bless you abundantly

Remember: “The Children of God are Entitled to Perfect Comfort”



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