What is it?

04-02-LoveMy posts are, and will be, mostly about subjects that are not of this world; thus they’re about the uncommon. Those things which are hoped for, wished for, and then usually scoffed at and shrugged off as unattainable.

Most of the time it’s a whole lot easier to ask a question than it is to get a satisfactory answer. But I’m going to ask the question anyway, and then just let the answer flow. The question is; what is Love? Now I ask you; where could I go to find a subject that meets the criteria mentioned above better than this one?

Reason leads steadily away from madness toward the goal of truth.

Before I let the answer spread out over this page I want to talk about the satisfactory thing I mentioned above. The answer is already flowing, and it’s completely satisfactory to me. It’s satisfactory because I’ve allowed it to be checked by my awesome Power of Reason. Which according to the above quote from A Course in Miracles, leads toward the goal of truth. And that Power tells me that it makes perfect sense.

The main problem that I’m faced with now lies in my ability, or inability, to express this flow in a clear and coherent manner. But because I’m always writing to myself anyway, it makes sense to me. You’ll have to decide whether it makes any sense to you – or even if you want to read it.

“Love is One – It Has No Separate Parts and No Degrees”

04-02-Love 2

Both the Header used here and the quote on the left are taken from A Course In Miracles. Which is an awesome spiritual work that, in my opinion, has no equal in this physical world.

These two quotes portray what most people in this physical realm believe about Love. They believe that they can love one person – or a few people – and be indifferent to all others. Even to the point of disliking, or maybe even hating some, while still loving a few. But I have some bad news for those who believe this way; it’s impossible – it cannot be done.

This is so because it requires the use of judgement. Each person has to be judged as either special or not special, and therefore, worthy or unworthy of Love, which means Love has to be broken into bits and pieces. A bit for this special person, a piece for that other person, some for this group, but none for the rest of the people.

04-03=loveOh I understand that in this world it seems as if such a thing can be done. But, that being said, there’s never a time when the illusion of love found here doesn’t bring fear with it. Therefore, it’s exactly the opposite of what true Love is. Love cannot cause fear in any sense. In fact, Love – true Love – pushes fear away.  And where fear is present Perfect Love cannot be.

It always has fear attached to it, because most of us see just the physical, and all things physical are impermanent. It doesn’t matter what it is, if it’s part of this world it’s destined to come to an end. And it’s this impermanence that causes the fear. If we use the love that we think we can find here to love another person then that love causes us a whole bunch of fears. But the one that concerns us most, and sometimes can turn into a very intense and overpowering fear, is our thoughts concerning him, or her, leaving us or dying.

The only place in all the universe where love cannot enter.

Now that’s a pretty strong statement. Is it possible there’s a place where Love cannot be – a place where it cannot enter? The answer to that is a resounding, yes, there is. And where is this place is the next question. The answer to that is, this physical world that we think we’re living in – including the body. 

04-03-IllusionsNow it’s time for an explanation of this statement. I mean, how can there be a place where Love cannot enter? Well as the quote in the image on the left informs us. This world that we think we’re living in is not real – it’s an illusion. And Love, which is the only reality in the universe, cannot be part of an illusion.

Let’s say we love another person and something happens which causes the illusion of that person leaving this physical dimension. What happens to our love then? As we all know, nothing happens to it. We keep right on loving the person, even though we believe they’re no longer with us.  Which means that even though we have, in our own perception, broken Love into bits and pieces those bits and pieces are still eternal. They live on, even though the body doesn’t – which means they’re not part of this world.

“…A world of shadows and illusions.”

04-05-LoveThis is a world of illusions where Love cannot enter. And even though we believe those illusions to be real they cannot change the truth of what we are. We are Love, created by Love and for Love – that’s what we are. Therefore, our belief that we’re actually in this world is one of the strongest illusions of them all. We are eternal beings of Love and Light, and again, because it needs repeating; we cannot ever be in a physical world.

We made a decision to separate ourselves from our Creator, which, in reality we could not do. But nevertheless, the Power of our minds is so great it has caused us to place ourselves in a sleeping state – a world of dreams – where we believe we are separate from our Creator and everything else in the universe. This illusion of separateness has cost us Heaven and placed us in an illusory world where all things must end in death.

But our desire to reconnect with our Creator, which is Love, is so strong it reaches through all the illusions, and back to that which is real.  And even though we’re looking at the body, when we connect with anyone through Love we actually connect with the spirit. The following quote by Bob Holmes describe this connecting exactly: “So as we stand in the shambles of our brokenness…, the light of God’s love shines through the shards of our brokenness in a glorious display of splintered light.”  “Splintered light.” That’s exactly what we have done. In this world of illusions, we have broken Love into pieces, and made it unreal.

04-05-Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch

I’m going to end this post with a another quote. This one is from Neale Donald Walsch, and it perfectly answers my question; what is Love? “God is at once both The Creator and The Created, a Pure Energy that impacts upon Itself. It is First Cause. It is Every Effect. It is the seat of all wisdom, the wellspring of all desire, the fountainhead of all power, and the origin of all reality. It is, in a single word, LOVE.” I have capitalized the word “Love” for emphasis. 

Thanks for visiting, and God Bless you.          




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