Turning Two Into One

12-15-me“Those who speak of ‘a miracle of healing’ are combining two orders of reality inappropriately. Healing is NOT a miracle.   …ACIM

Wow! That sure contradicts 99.9% of the beliefs in this world. Most  everyone here believes that to heal sickness requires a miracle; don’t they? I mean, if you’re sick and the Doctor’s treatments & prescriptions aren’t working; what’s left except to hope and pray for a miracle – and ask others to do the same?

I use the phrase, most everyone, quite regularly because in this world it’s true; most everyone believes similarly. Most everyone believes that sickness is something that the world just hurls at them – and they have no refuge from it. Well I write for those who may be harbouring (yes that’s spelled correctly – I’m a Canadian) a very small, and  hardly detectable thought that keeps gnawing at their power of reasoning. I write for those who aren’t completely and utterly convinced that sickness is a normal part of life in this world; those who may not be part of the most everyone group.

“The sage is not sick because he is sick of sickness. Therefore he is not sick.” …Lao Tzu.   

According to the ancient Master, Lao Tzu, the Sage isn’t sick because he’s sick of sickness. It seems, once he becomes sick of being sick a miracle happens – he’s no longer sick. How’s that work; what’s that mean? Well for starters, let’s distinguish between the two types of sickness he’s talking about. I think that the first sickness, which the Sage no longer has, is the same type that the most everyone group believes that the world is anxious to give and freely offers – the whole group is afraid of it. It includes any and all the sicknesses and diseases of the world, and it’s these the most everyone group dutifully worships as its master.

And then there’s the second type of sickness; I think I’ll be safe in saying that even  the most everyone group will agree that this sickness is in the mind. It could be compared with tiredness, weariness, or simply being fed up or had enough. I think it’s also safe to point out that this sickness sets the sage apart from the most everyone group. He has made up his mind that he’s had enough – and he’s no longer sick.

Well now, it seems I’ve gone and contradicted myself. My opening quote explicitly states; Healing is not a miracle, but in the above paragraph I said, once he becomes sick of being sick a miracle happens. How am I going to reconcile this seeming conundrum? I don’t think it will be that difficult. The opening quote comes from a Source that knows the state of our minds. According to Helen Schucman, the scribe who received the contents of A Course in Miracles, it came from Jesus Christ, himself. Whether you believe this, or not, is entirely up to you. I have read the Course many times, and as far as I’m concerned it did not originate in this world. It had to have come from another world; another dimension, for no human source could know what it teaches. Therefore, my mind is open wide enough to accept her hypothesis that Jesus Christ was her Source.

“You are as God created you”   …ACIM

10-15-2 HomeThe Source from which the Course came knows that health and wholeness are the natural and normal states of everything God created. He did not create anything except that which is pure and whole – and that’s what you are. You will always be as God created you. Now I ask you; do you think a miracle is required for you to be what you already are? I think not. Sickness and disease are of our own making, and therefore, they’re unnatural and abnormal conditions. But the most everyone group believes just the opposite. They believe that sickness and disease are a natural and normal part of existence.

And they’re usually asking why; why does God allow sickness? I realize the answer to that question is old and worn out, and seems like a cop-out. But nevertheless, it’s still the truth. When God created you He gave you free will; you’re free to do as you please – except to change what He created. You will eternally be as He created you, and once again, He did not create anything that is not whole and healthy. That being said, you’re free to believe anything you want to; you can even believe that you can be sick – but that, my friends, is an illusion. Oh, I understand that it seems real enough, but that’s the main characteristic of illusions – they seem to be real.

I realize just how difficult it is to accept the idea that all sickness originates in the mind. It’s not an idea that the most everyone group can accept – but, nevertheless, it’s the place where all sickness originates – in our thoughts. Therefore, the mind is where healing must take place. In fact, it’s the only place it can happen. The most everyone group believes that healing takes place in the body – in the physical dimension. But, in actuality, it can take place only in the mind – in the Spiritual dimension.

That’s why my opening quote mentions that those who believe healing is a miracle are combining two orders of reality inappropriately. They’re doing that which, in truth, is impossible to accomplish. They’re taking the Spiritual dimension and trying to combine it with the physical dimension, and therefore, combining the two into one, which they believe is the only one there is – the physical. And it’s in this perceived and impossibly combined dimension the effects of miracle are seen, which are mistaken for the miracle itself.

“A broken body shows the mind has not been healed.”   …ACIM

Healing in this context is not the same as it’s thought of in this physical realm. Here therapists, psychiatrists, drugs, etc., are used, which really never work. The healing of the mind that the above quote is talking about comes from a different Source. It comes from God’s Teacher – the Holy Spirit. To heal the mind requires a shift in thinking; a change of mind. It requires listening to a different Teacher; a shift from the ego and its teachings to the Holy Spirit and His teachings. And when this shift happens you can be sure indeed that a miracle has taken place.

The body responds to the urgings of the mind, and when our way of thinking shifts to Spiritual and away from ego thinking, the mind will be healed – and the body will follow. But these bodily changes are effects, they are not causes, nor are they miracles.

The great author and spiritual teacher, Dr. Wayne Dyer, had this, among other things, to say about the subject: “In order to optimize your health, begin noticing the frequency of any thoughts that support the idea of sickness as being something to be expected, then eliminate these thought frequencies from your mind.”  

I’m going to close this post with a bit of wisdom from the late, great Louise Hay. She said: “Good health comes from love and appreciation, and I feel wonderful—physically and emotionally.”    





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