What Life Knows

Walter Theriault

As with all my posts this one is not meant to convince or persuade anyone of anything. It’s simply a means to fulfill a need I feel, which is to write about what I passionately believe in. In other words, it’s my own perceptions as I view them. You’re free to read it or ignore it. If you do decide to read it and any of it resonates with you then you’re free to take that part and leave the rest. It’s all up to you.


Life Consists of God Expressed Through Love

11-24-God & LifeThis is a post about life. First of all, let me say, I don’t consider this physical experience we’re so fond of calling “life” to be Life at all. Why do I say that; you might ask? I say it because this physical experience is filled with so much negativity that Life knows nothing about. Life knows not of sickness, fear, pain, suffering, loneliness, poverty, helplessness, hatred, death, etc..

Those negative physical attributes are not part of Life. Life is packed solid with their opposites. It’s full of Health, Joy, Abundance, Wholeness, Power, Love and all other good and beautiful things. It’s Life, and being what It is – God –  It knows nothing about any of these things, including death.

We call this physical experience “life,” but, as I mentioned above, it’s not Life at all – it’s really not even an experience – it’s nothing but an illusion; a dream. Just because it seems real doesn’t make it so. When you go to sleep at night you have  dreams. Many of them you don’t even remember. But there are many you do remember, and every once in awhile you recall one so vividly, that it’s difficult to convince yourself that it wasn’t real. When you’re in bed asleep dreaming you don’t know you’re dreaming. You don’t know you’re in bed asleep. It simply seems to you that the dream is all there is, and it’s all real.  And whether you want to accept it, or not, that’s exactly what this so-called life is – a dream. And in many cases the dream turns into a nightmare.

The Power of Decision

11-26-decision makingMost of my posts are built around a simple, single theme. That theme contains a few simple messages, and is based on a decision which I have to make. I have to decide whether I’m a Creation of God, or an accident of nature. In other words, did God create me, or did I spring from a chemical reaction in some primordial chemical soup of some sort?

This quote from that great spiritual work, A Course in Miracles reinforces this. It says,You see the flesh or recognize the Spirit. There is no compromise between the two. If one is real the other must be false, for what is real denies its opposite.”

“If one is real.” Is it saying they’re not both real? Yes, that’s exactly what it’s saying. Therefore, which one is real? Well the answer to that depends on which one you decide is real for you. It says, you see the flesh OR recognize the Spirit – you can’t do both. You must choose. There is no alternative. The thing is, most people choose by default, and therefore, they see the flesh, which leads to the conclusion that this physical sojourn is life. In doing so they also make an unconscious decision to separate themselves from their Source (God).  

It’s Impossible to be Separated From Your Source

Being separated from God is, in reality, an impossibility – for nothing could be separate from Him and live. So am I contradicting myself? No, not really, but I must explain. You are a Thought in God’s Mind; that’s what you are, and that’s how you were created – He thought you.  And thoughts never leave the thinker’s mind. But because of the awesome Power of your Mind, any decision you make becomes your reality as you perceive it. Therefore, when you make the decision – and make no mistake, it is a decision – to perceive yourself as a flesh body, which could never be in the Mind of God, you then, in your own perception, separate yourself from your Creator and your Home.

This decision causes the power of your perception to place you outside your Creator and your Creator outside yourself. Thus you view yourself as a separate entity – a flesh body, and your Creator also as a separate entity, who, most likely, dwells way off in the sky somewhere.  Even if you don’t believe in a creator at all, and view your existence as some sort of chemical reaction, the decision to see only the flesh still causes you to perceive yourself as a separate entity. The difference being, you don’t perceive yourself as a created being, therefore there’s no creator to dwell anywhere. But both of these  scenarios are illusions – they’re  the dream I talked about earlier.

Consequences of Choosing the flesh

As with every decision you make, there are consequences that follow this one. When you choose to believe that you are a flesh body you have chosen the impossible. This is so because with this choice you, in your own perception, separate yourself from your creator, which is impossible to do. Now think about what you believe you have done, for in your own awareness you have done that which can never be done. You have separated a Thought of God (you) from His Mind, and turned It into a flesh body. This places you – the real You – in a state comparable to physical sleep and dreaming. You now dream you’re a physical being living in your separate little world filled with the myriad of consequences I mentioned earlier – i.e., sickness, fear, pain, suffering, loneliness, poverty, helplessness, hatred, death, etc..

All of these things are consequence of separation, and they’re all based in the same emotion, which is fear, which springs from a lack of love. There can be no love in separation because Love is what your Creator is, and by separating yourself from Him you separate yourself from Love.

This choice to see the flesh, to see yourself as a separate entity dwelling in a physical body, first took place eons ago, and you have been making the same choice lifetime after lifetime for many billions of years. And as long as you keep making the same choice that you’re a flesh body so long will you remain in a sleeping and dreaming state. In this state you dream that you’re separate from the rest of God’s creation, which brings sickness, suffering, loss and death.  

Rewards of Choosing Spirit.

11-23-lifeThe first benefit of choosing is in the learning that there is a choice. Every instant of every minute you are choosing something – but most choices are involuntary. In other words, they’re made without your conscious participation – they just seem to happen. That being said, there are important decisions you make on a daily – or in some cases, hourly – basis that do require your conscious participation.

The choice I’m writing about here is, without exception,  the most important one you’ll ever make. For you are learning that you have the Power to reverse a bad decision which you made long, long ago. That’s when you decided that you no longer wanted to be under the influence of your Creator, and so you made the choice to separate yourself from Him. It’s certain that since that choice was made you have seen the flesh, and mostly not recognized the Spirit. You placed yourself in a world of separate entities who believe they live in separate bodies, you being one of them. And now the question arises; how has that worked out?

You see yourself as trapped in a flesh body dwelling in a world of time where birth, sickness, old age and death are the only options. That’s all your body’s eyes will ever see, for that’s what they were made to see. But there is another way to see, and all it requires is another decision; a decision to recognize the Spirit. When this decision is made an awakening process is brought into play.  

The descent into physicality and darkness has been very long and cruel, and you have gone deep into it. Therefore, awakening from it requires time – it’s not an instantaneous occurrence. But once you make the decision that you may be more than that which the body’s eyes can see in a mirror, your decent into darkness begins to slow down. It will eventually stop completely, and reverse itself. But, as the descent was long and cruel the ascent can be long and difficult, or relatively short and easy, depending on your determination and desire to let it happen. But you can rest assured that whether it’s slow or rapid, it will happen, for God has willed your return – and what He wills is absolutely guaranteed to be.

I’m going to close this post with a quote from A Course in Miracles: The choice is yours to make between a sleeping death and dreams of evil or a happy wakening and joy of life. What could you choose between but life or death, waking or sleeping, peace or war, your dreams or your reality?”



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